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Everything is a miracle when I'm with you.

 29 March 2012

I skipped my replacement class on that night and went to Senju Tei for dinner instead.
I'm the kind who loves to visit a restaurant often until I'm sick of it, then I'll start finding the next one.
Previously, I am so into Sibaraku. Then I switched to McD and later on to Sushi King and so on.
So Senju Tei is my new hang out place.

I've learned something new about Senju Tei. Basically the set meals are divided into Lunch Time and Dinner Time. In my previous post, what I ordered was actually the Lunch Set Meal and I didn't even know that. So as for dinner, you can't order any meals that are fallen under the Lunch Set Meal categories.

Of course the dinner set is slightly more expensive than lunch set.

There were 5 of us that night.
We were served with some deep fried fish which was fulled with bones. I wonder what kind of fish was that.
That dish was like an opening for us.
Besides that we were given hot towels as well :)

I have no idea why Brendan was so excited in the picture below.
Maybe he was shocked to see the price of the food.
Oh I'm sorry. Borneo people all damn freaking rich :P

The guys ordered Hot Sake. The amount of  the sake is only about 3 and a half tiny cups.
Nicole and I dare not try it.
The last time I tried Sake was when I had my dinner in Daorae. Gosh the taste was like acid! Even though I don't know how acid taste like, but I am sure the taste would be slightly similar :P
When you drink it, you can feel your tongue is burning and yelling for help!

Hot Sake @ RM 15.0

Cheers for a wealthier future :)

Recently, there's one big pimple on my cheek and it is so stubborn!! After a week has passed, it is still not recovering. Bloody hell! Why does it decided to stay longer when my Law Night is just in couple hours of time? Damn you pimple! Why must you spoil my final year picture??? T________T

So here's what we had for dinner that night.
I am feeling hungry right now :(

Brendan's Dinner

 Senju Men @ RM 20.0

Tenpura Moriawase @ RM 20.0

Nicole's Dinner

She ordered separately instead of set meal. Same goes to Brendan.
It's up to you anyway.

Price starts from the top.

1. Salmon Sushi @ RM 6.0
2. Garlic Fried Rice @ RM 6.0
3. Teppanyaki Chicken @ RM 16.0

Fikry's Dinner

He had a set meal instead.
Hmmm I think his meal looks the most interesting one among all of us.

 Kushiyaki Bento @ RM 28.0

Mark and I

Both of us ordered the same meal without realizing.
Awwww you can read my mind *shy*

Chicken Shichimi Cheese Yaki & Norway Maki Set @ RM 28.0

The name itself can kill somebody. So bloody long.

Remember I said in my previous blog that, I got a free Green Tea ice cream?
As for dinner, they don't free ice cream T______T
So fikry and Brendan ordered the ice cream since they wanted to try it so badly.
It is actually called as Zenzai Macha Ice Cream and not Green Tea. hahaha. Sorry for anyhow giving it an embarrassing name :P

Guess what? It cost RM8 for 2 scoops. *gulps*
Dafuq? Why so damn expensive??
It's only 1 super tiny scoop. Means one tiny scoop is equivalent to RM4.
Thank God I get it for free during my first visit. HAHAHAHA!!!!

By the way, all of the food we had that day taste so damn good!!
Since the menu does not provide any illustrations, I hope my post eventually helps you people a little bit in order to decide what to eat.

Plus I am so going to this Restaurant again with my babes - Carynn and Jesslyn.
Make sure one day we can visit together and gain some fat okay. lol

Pictures time!

After having such a wonderful dinner - all of us were super duper bloated to the max that night. The amount of food was totally humongous. Then we decided to go for a movie. Nicole wanted to watch The Vow so badly and The Vow shall we watch then :p

The movie was based on a true story.
Overall the movie was good.
Nicole and I actually cried while watching it in the cinema.

I tried so hard to control my macho-ness but FAILED!
There are certain scenes which are not that really sad, but I have no freaking idea why I cried. lol.
Emotional sangat!

Plus I hate it when the boy kept turning at me just to check on me whether I cried or not. He did that for like 3 to 4 times during the movie okay!!
Then he kept laughing to himself. Grrr!!!
I tried to cover my eyes with my hair and hands but still I got busted from him. hahaha!! Damn you Mark!
He laughed again, but this time he offers me his handkerchief..

Overall the movie was good and sad at the same time.
Such a romantic film but with some unhappy scenes in between.


30 March 2012

Went to Pizza Hut for dinner since it has been quite some time I last visited that place. They have this new pizza in menu, and we decided to give it a try.

Triple Chicken Sensation Pizza @ RM 48+
(4 bowls of chicken soup, a plate of garlic bread and a jug of carbonated drink)

If you order this new set, you can add a plate of Triple Sensation Platter which we did for the price of RM 9.90 only. The original price is about RM 19.90 if I'm not mistaken.

 Triple Sensation Platter

Headed for movie after dinner :)
Fikry wanted to watch this movie so badly, so we got no choice but to tag along :P
I heard many feed backs that the movie wasn't that good.

Fortunately it was not as bad as what others said. To me it was still acceptable.

After the movie we went for some light shopping.
It has been ages since we last shop together.
I didn't shop for almost a month already.

Both of us had an eye on this maxi chiffon skirt.
I love the blue color one because it looks very striking in photos.
The black one is rather common.
Unfortunately, the blue one was the last piece in that store and the material was being stained by some black ink on it which I don't think it can be gone just by washing it.

Hence both of us bought the black one instead.
Nicole and I had quite a number of same clothes :D

Went to Starbucks to chill for a little.
Our current addiction - Starbucks

Overall I had a very great semester.
This month I am so broke to the core. Had been spending so much and also owed someone so much.

By the way, I am going to blog about my final year Law Night event in my next blog post.
I am having my Law Night in couple of hours more which is on this Saturday - 31 March.

Should take my beauty sleep now.
Don't want to look like a panda the next day.
Good night peeps :)

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