Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Loft @ The Sterling Hotel

It was on a rainy day when we decided to dine in The Loft. 
I have had always wanted to dine in there ever since it was first opened (btw it is newly open)
The design of the hotel looks so classy and somehow seems like those English-themed hotel. 

It was a 3 course meal.

The interior

Trying to look classy :P


Warm Sterling Salad @ RM25

The Loft Signature @ RM23

Honey Mustard-glazed Tenderloin Steak @ RM58

Symphony for Kings @ RM60

Cheesy Twist @ RM18

Sweet Treat @ RM18

I love the Sweet Treat. It was a crepe-wrapped cream cheese filing served with blueberry dressing which taste so good! The portion was so tiny and it wasn't enough at all :(
Second serving please!

Thanks to groupon for making my dream come true.
The food was quite good, the environment is romantic, the services are not bad and most importantly it cost us super cheap! The prices i quoted above were their initial price. We got it for half of the original price, thanks to who? Groupon of course!
Now everyone can eat. (Now everyone can fly - Airasia)

Located at level 3

The kiddo.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New hangout places in Melaka

1. Okay this is not something new. Lunch in AEON Jusco.

2. Dessert in Moo Moo which is located near Gajah Berang. Do you know the Popular in that area? If you do, then this Moo Moo Yogurt is just around that area. One row with RED ANTS boutique.

3. Now we have another Burger King franchise in Dataran (just beside Starbucks).
The surroundings are quite nice except the fact that there's a lot of FLIES!
Ewww damn annoying and unhygienic.

4. Some performances just for Deepavali.
By the way, MPH is having a book festival up to this coming Sunday (25th November 2012) where you can get a discounted price on selected items from 20% up to 70%

5. Gong Cha is now open in Mahkota Parade!
Weeeee~ It's located opposite of MPH Bookstore/beside the main stage/next to J.ROSSETTE.
Gong Cha is way nicer than Chatime (my personal opinion).
Gonna make this place as my new favorite Bubble Milk Tea spot.

Milk Green Tea *slurps*
black maxi skirt with brown top and black gladiators sandal. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Deepavali's Eve

Last week was one of my favorite week of the month.
That's because we had 2 days break in between.
It's like one day working, the other day off, the next day working and the following day off, that sort of thing you know.
So it was fun and at the same time it makes me lazier.
I was totally in a holiday mood. Therefore I wasn't that hyped to work at all for that entire week.

On the eve of Deepavali, we (Mark, Nicole and I) decided to meet up for dinner and to catch up with our latest updates/news. So sad KM couldn't join us as his Dota is way more important than friends. Pfftt!

Had our dinner in Pizza Hut.

After Pizza we went to Calanthe for a drink.
I really love this cafe so much.
Especially the interior. They have quite of a collection on those old school stuffs.

Just like these 'rotan' chair.
My grandparents used to have one of these.

 Old records were pasted on the ceilings.

 I extra love this wall :)

 Our drinks.

Then we headed to Bamboo Hut Bistro for a second round.
This time around, Presilia and Steven joined us.

That was my very first time in Bamboo Hut.
The foods and drinks are quite expensive.

Had a great lepaking session with them.
How I wish everyday is a public holiday.

Received a box of Belgian Chocs from KM.
Was supposed to share it with the boyfie but the greedy me took it all for myself.
*big wide smile*

Thanks a lot Mr Park :)
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