Sunday, November 18, 2012

Craving for Laksa.

Last Sunday was a laksa hunting day.
We drove to Jonker for breakfast.
The boy wanted to bring his sister for some Jonker laksa.

Instead of going to the popular Laksa shop a.k.a Jonker 88 (because the queue was so bloody long) we tried our luck in other cafes.

First we went to Limau Limau Cafe.

Without looking at the menu, we started camwhoring like nobody's business.
The decorations are very nice and unique.

Mark and Sarah

Siap duduk bersila lagi tu.

After taking several shots, we decided to make our order. Unfortunately there's no Laksa to be found in the menu. So I asked the lady in a nice manner whether they serve Laksa or not just to clarify myself again. The lady answered me with a slightly rude manner saying that 'We are not Oriental Cafe'. (with an unhappy look at the face)


Relax ar!! Do you have to behave that way? Is it hard to answer politely?
tsk tsk....

I just don't understand certain people.

Next we went to Calanthe.
They only serve laksa in the lunch menu and not during breakfast.
Yet again, unlucky.

Pictures taken in Calanthe Cafe

Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again.
hahahaha! cute.

Finally we gave up and decided to eat in Jonker 88 and just queue for our food.

Normally, we only stand while drinking at the pub/bar right?
Never in my life EVER! Having to eat while standing.
A new experience. Me like :D although it's a bit weird to eat while standing la.

That is one of the reason why I don't really like to eat the laksa in Jonker 88.
Damn a lot of people -___- and you can't even find a place to sit.

Asam laksa and Curry mee. Yummy!

Eat standing :)

Money collections

Zimbabwe has the biggest money in the whole wide world. 
Imagine a piece of paper that contains 9 digits. 
Just by having one piece will make you a Millionaire.

Besides that, they have 'expiry date' on the money as well. hahaha.
on or before 31st December 2008

After breakfast, I had a spontaneous trip to LCCT although I didn't plan to follow the boy there in the first place. We drove all the way there to send Fikry and Sarah as they will be flying back to Borneo.

Hang out in Starbucks while waiting for them to depart.
The Starbucks in LCCT taste SUCKS!
So watery and doesn't taste anything like Starbucks.
What a waste of money.

Love the Xmas paper cup though.

Bought Dunkin Donuts on the way back *hearts*

And we had our dinner in Pak Putra before calling it a day.
Such a busy busy week for us.
All the travelling are tiring but it's worth it.

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