Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Malaysia - Perak - Batu Gajah (Kellie's Castle)

Kellie's Castle is also known as Kellie's Folly. Here's a little bit of history and background about this magnificent palace/castle. Back in 1915, William Kellie Smith, a wealthy Scottish rubber plantation who was also a big fan of India collections wanted to build this castle for his son. The bricks, artisans and labourers were hired from India. Unfortunately, William died in 1926 leaving the house abandoned and incomplete.
There's a rumors saying that this castle is being haunted by William's spirit. Nowadays, this castle is one of the tourist attraction and couples tend to come here for their wedding photo shoot.

Admission fee would be RM5 for adult and RM3 for child. 
Operating time is from 9am to 6pm.

 Amirul photobomb my picture :(

It looks nice from the outside but creepy from the inside.

 The path towards the wine cellar and underground tunnel. Yes it is that creepy *shivering*

Of course we went downstairs. Thank God I have a torch light :D

 Shrouded in M-Y-S-T-E-R-Y

 The main hall.
This is an interpretation of how Kellie's Smith living room could have looked like,
based on photographs of the family's adjoining Kellas House.

 Ghostly Cloister Balcony.
Someone actually saw a figure roaming around the corridor at night.

 Every rooms have a secret escape route. The staircase looks so classic.

 Camwhore at the so called haunted corridor.

This abandoned architecture is so beautiful! 

 View from the highest floor.

 Fikry is a Jakun. LOL
Definition of Jakun :- someone who is afraid of height. 

Only the three of us knew what happened back then. hahahaha!

 Love the view so much.

About 500 meters from the castle, there's a Hindu Temple built for the artisans by Kellie Smith when a mysterious illness decimated the workforce and the remaining workers believed that the God needed to be appeased.

 Arulmigu Maha Mariamman Temple

Can you spot an Englishman in the picture above? So far I think this is the very first time I encounter such figurine in a Hindu Temple. Normally there won't be other figurine besides their Gods and Hindu figurines.
At first I find it to be amusing but later on I found out the true reason behind that mat-salleh's figurine.

The workers actually put Kellie Smith's figurine to show gratitude towards him. I thought Kellie forced them to do so in the first place. lol.


Momiji said...

Nice place! Love to visit the castle someday too! btw, Jakun is more to the meaning of 'katak bawah tempurung'. more or less something you never see/exp.

ruby said...

Ash: hahaha yeah it's supposed to be gayat instead of jakun. i typed wrongly. but too lazy to change it. biarkan je la lol..
yeap u shud visit the place one day. It's very nice for photo taking purposes.

Ash Hazareru said...

LOL. yeah soon, soon i'll go...T_T

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