Monday, July 22, 2013

Malaysia - Perak - Kuala Kangsar (Istana Kenangan / Masjid Ubudiah / Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah)

Istana Kenangan

Palace of Memories are also known as Istana Kenangan in Bahasa Malaysia is located at Jalan Istana in Kuala Kangsar. Amazingly, this entire Palace was made entirely out of wood and woven bamboo, without the use of a single nail. It was built in 1931 and was served as the temporary royal quarters until a new palace was built which is the current residence of the sultan of Perak - Istana Iskandariah.

Istana Iskandariah is located somewhere around Istanan Kenangan but it is not open for public. Same goes for this Istana Kenangan. It has been under a 'construction' or 'maintenance' mode for God knows... about more than 2 years already? That was the information we got from the guard. 

We managed to take several pictures only from the outside. It was such a shame. I would really love to take a peek of how it looks like from the inside. Such a wonderful architecture. Imagine building it without using a single nails. Fuh! It is as amazing as one of the roller coaster ride that you can find in Korea where it was fully constructed by using only woods! lol

Masjid Ubudiah

Next stop was the Ubudiah's Mosque.
I really love the shape of this mosque because it is so elegant.

Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah

Our last stop was at the Galeri before heading straight to kedah.

It is also located at Jalan Istana. The admission fee is RM4 for adult and RM2 whereas with our magic student card, we've transformed ourselves into children! Which means RM2 only!

It's one hell of a gigantic palace that was transformed into an exhibition house which stores most of Raja Azlan's belongings from head to toe, his judgment scripts, medals and trophies, uniforms and so much more.
My favorite collection of his would be his watch section.
Oh my God! The amount of limited edition watch that he owns was crazy. Unfortunately no camera is allowed. Of course no picture can be taken too or else I'll share it with you guys in my blog. 

Well, you have to go there and see it for yourself instead.

Every palace will have a fountain. I wish my future house will have one too.

Another building that stores all his cars and LV luggage bags and briefcase!!! Not one but roughly about 6 or more if I'm not mistaken. 

That's the end of ronda-ronda Perak. We move on to our next state which was Kedah.
It was quite a long ride. Poor Fikry suffered from food poisoning along the way, in fact the entire day starting from our visit at Masjid Ubudiah. It is suck to fall sick during your vacation. Does any of you face something that is worst than that on your holidays? If you do, please leave a comment. I would love to know :D
*Busybody mode on*

Once we arrived in Sungai petani, Kedah, we searched high and low for the nicest and cheapest hotel (we are on a budget holiday remember!)

After all the hassle, we finally decided to settle down in Casa Lagenda Hotel.
The price was RM105 a night for a 2 queen size bed. The room is quite comfortable.
Will post a picture of it at the end of my post.

After checking in and dumping poor fikry in the hotel to get some rest, the three of us headed out for a nice dinner together with Mark's sister - Sarah.
Well she's studying there, hence why we were able to meet up with her.

We settled for an Indian cuisine in a sort of 'high class' restaurant. But the price was more or less the same like other Indian restaurants.

Our delicious dinner.

After feeding our tummy with all sinfully delicious food, we went for a movie - World War Z
There's nothing much for us to do or explore in Sungai Petani. It's like a dead town but amazingly they have quite a number of big shopping malls. Thank God for that :)

 I find out that Sarah's car is freaking cute! She bought the angel-devilish decoration for her Mazda. It looks so damn cute can! 

Here's a picture of our room. Please ignore the mess on my bed.

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