Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boom Shakalaka

21st and 22nd April

2 days of hard work for Pikom Pc Fair 2012 in MITC Melaka.
The crowd was not as many as the previous fairs that i've worked for.

This fair was way more tiring than the Homdex Fair.
That's because I have to stand for almost 11 hours :(

Here's my tag

My lunch for second day of working.
Didn't managed to take any pictures on the first day because I was so freaking busy until I don't even have time to take my dinner :(

 Char Siew Fan (Roasted pork)

 Products that I'm selling

 Some other booths

With Abby Li - my partner for Day 2

The job was fun and tiring at the same time.
At the end of the day, after receiving my pay, I felt satisfied although my whole body sores badly.

23 April 2012

Instead of attending class, we skipped.
The privilege of being a final year and final semester student. - Pemalas

Was having World Wide Problems with them every single freaking day - Where and What to eat?
Seriously. I think this is the most common problem each and every one of us faced every single day.
I hate it when Mark keeps asking me this question. And he hates it when I keep telling him 'anything or anywhere'.

So we let Nicole decide and she chose Breeks.
Nice decision babe!
I have not eaten there for quite sometime already.

I just love the lighting there.
It is so orange-yellowish that it makes your face looks totally FLAWLESS whenever you camwhore.
What us - girls love the most :)

I have no idea why but I noticed that every single time we visited this restaurant, we will always do this peace pose leh. Did you noticed that Nicole Lee? Even our previous photo also we did the same exact pose together. Hmmm...

 Bibimbap @ RM 12.90

 Black Pepper Chicken @ RM 14.0 (comes with a drink)

hahaha can't believe that I wore so casually that day.
I look like a tourist *shy*
Wore my flip flops because my feet hurt so bad due to my 2 days work in PC FAIR.
No choice.
Can you see how 'kembang' my feet looks like in the picture?
Pain okay :(
Heartless people (if you laughed at my feet).

Went for a bubble milk tea since I was craving for it during the weekends.
I love their idea in coming up with this plastic handle.
Heh it is so convenient for us to take away lor.

 Tsk tsk! How old already la? Still don't know how to drink properly. Haiyo!

24 April 2012

Lepak with the boy in Mori.
The whole afternoon-evening was heavy rain.

So ngam gei!
Our drinks were covered with our own horoscope on it.
A sign that God wants me to buy 4D

White Chocolate Chesse Cake @ RM 7.50

25 April 2012

Woke up at 7am just for the sake of renewing my passport with Mark.
Had only 5 hours of sleep and I can't open my eyes the next day.
This is too much!
I need to sleep earlier. My eyes are transforming - from no eye bags to ugly black dark circles + eye bags. #FML

 Despite the lack of sleep. I'm still cute right? T___T 
Please say yes!

Ughhh! My passport size photo looks super HIDEOUS!
Dah la cannot smile. Then the fringe need to hide all at the back.
My God!

I bet most of you with super chio FB display pic will eventually look uglier in passport/identity card photos as well.

Salute them for being able to complete my passport within an hour.
So here I am with my new passport :)

After all those troublesome work such as waking up early in the morning just to renew passport, we headed to AEON Jusco for lunch.
Same thing again - no idea where to eat.

Ended up eating in Sushi King again.

After lunch, Ying-Le and I went to check out our Final Year Magazine to finalize the copy.
So we would roughly get it by the end of next Friday I suppose.

Besides that,I had my final lecture for good.
No more classes or tutorials nor assignments.
All I need to focus now is for Final Exam and I'm done for good.

Roughly about 2 weeks more before Finals and that's the end of our 5 tough years studying Law. Course which most of us regretted taking but still we managed to go through it :)

Anyway I have 2 tickets to watch Amirul, Jesslyn and Zakwan performing for their Drama this coming Friday - The Merchant of Venice.

Venue: MMU Main Hall
Time: 7.45pm but according to Malaysian timing, I bet it's going to start after 8pm for sure.
Ticket Price: RM 5 but I'm giving it out for free

Any of you who are interested to watch it with me?
Do let me know okay.
Should not miss the chance of witnessing Amirul's acting skills and laugh at him after the play ended.

Till then :)
Good night.

Friday, April 20, 2012

I am your Super Girl :)

18 April 2012

Went to Senju Tei for lunch just to treat myself a nice meal for being hardworking and work my ass off the week before. (alah even without a job...everyday also eat expensive food la. alasan je)

This time, I tried the Chicken Teriyaki and Salmon Sashimi Set @ RM 20.0

The boy tried the set which I ordered previously - 
Salmon White Sauce and Kinoko Butter Yaki Set @ RM 25.0

Camwhoring while waiting for the boy to pay his electricity bill.

Amount of Statutes that I have to carry to class but ended up most of the people who bought/ordered from me did not attend class -_______-

The boy 'buang tabiat' out of sudden. Kept telling me that he wants to buy coloring book and colour pencils. After buying them for a day, and after colouring a page, he gave up and decided to give me the book and the colour pencils as well the following day. Ehhh!! Waste money je. Cish! But I still took it anyway. Free stuffs what. LOL! Do not waste the opportunity of getting any free stuffs. hehehehe. I've learned this lesson from a good friend of mine - Amirul.

Rezeki jangan ditolak.

19 April 2012

Went to town right after Shipping class with the girls and I drag the boy as well :)

We had our dinner in Station One.

After dinner, we went for some shopping.
I don't plan to shop because I am trying my best to save money for my graduation trip.
However, my itchy hand made me bought a top instead.

The moment we arrived MP, that hantu Nicole and Chng was out of sight. tsk tsk...
Mark, Ying-Le and I walked together without them.
I still remember a week ago when I asked Nicole to go shopping and she said 'No I need to control and not waste money'.

Then a week later, she's the one asking people to go shopping -_____-
So inconsistent. Make me feel like slapping her. hahaha!

Sat in A&W for a drink because I miss the root beer so much.

Finally she bought a new phone. Normally people buy new phone with wide screen is for some other purposes. But for Ying-Le she bought a wide screen phone is just to read notes. hahaha! The first time she told me about it, I was like dafuq? hahahaha....

Anyway, we were discussing about our batch magazine and I was reviewing them in her phone.
Overall I think that the magazine is cool. We might be able to collect the magazine by end of next week if everything runs smoothly by the printing company.

So do wait for your copy okay my dear course mates. And be amazed by the beauty and creativity of the magazine. If any of you dare to say ugly, you'll see what will happen to you. Hmph!

For those who are interested to get it, you may drop a comment. Provided if there's an extra copies.
It is only RM35 a copy. The quality of the page is exactly like a magazine. It is a 60 pages magazine.
For those who are interested, you can message me in facebook and I'll reserve it for you if there's any extra.

Common la. Final semester already. So stingy what for? Money can buy you memories? No right.
Faster order!

Anyway I'm going to work for this upcoming PC FAIR in MITC for the weekends again.
The Fair starts from 20th to 22nd April. I'll be there on the 21st and 22nd of April. I'll be selling Tablet PC :)

So glad that I am preoccupied with jobs. How I wish there's a Fair every weekends in MITC. lol.

Shall blog again soon.
Till then.
Good night.

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