Thursday, April 12, 2012

A month to go.

I'm back baby!
So sorry for not updating my blog.
Had been so busy and lazy lately.
I'm just gonna blog briefly on what's going around me lately.


Went to watch Mirror Mirror with Nicole, Tharshini and Mark last Wednesday.
The movie was good and I love the striking color used in the movie.
The Snow White is so pretty except that I can't accept her super thick bushy eyebrows that made me laughed so hard the first time I watched the trailer.

The ending part was a bit shocking because they sang and dance just like a Hindustan movie.
Well, that's because the director is a Hindi man :)


Went to 99º Garden for dinner.
It's a new Restaurant which was located at the new Jaya 99 building nearby LTP restaurant.

I love the concept of the restaurant.
Unfortunately, I sat outside instead of inside that day and the weather was super hot as hell.
Should have sat inside instead.
But the view from the outside is way nicer because they have this lovely cute swing hanging around for people to sit on it.

I wanted to sit there but Mark don't let me T__________T

Fresh Apple and Orange Juice @ RM 3.90 each

The food is quite affordable but the taste was average. You can try it out if you want to have a change of mood for dinner. The surroundings at night would be even nicer and more romantic because you can see the town filled with lights.

One thing bad about this place is that, it is quite difficult to find parking. You need to drive all the way to level 2 for visitors parking spot.
Plus you need to pay RM1 for every hour.

Hawaiian Maryland @ RM 13.90
The portion was quite huge. I was unable to finish the whole chicken. 
It was very crispy but the taste was so-so only.

Lamb Korma @ RM 12.90
I love the lamb's curry. Super nice :)

Biscotti Smores @ RM 6.90
What we had for dessert. Ermmm it looks nice but I don't really like it. Waste of money.

Then we headed to MP for a drink.
No more Starbucks of Coffee Bean for me because I'm tired of it.
So I told the boy to drink in Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Shake instead :)

There are 2 types of sizes. Junior size and another size which is bigger than that (can't remember what was it called).

The junior size is RM12 each while the other one is RM16 each.
You can mix and match your favorite ice cream into a milkshake.

Mark opted for Pralines N Cream and Strawberry Cheese Cake.
While I took Cotton Candy with Rainbow Sherbet.
Mark's one turned out to be nice but mine turned out to be super sweet T___T
I should have just ordered the Peppermint one instead :(
Sigh. Regret!

Mine (left) and Mark's (right)

The boy bought me this supplement. This is design for those who gets tired easily and it gives you more energy. According to the sales girl la :P

When you eat it, your urine will be super yellow. So you need to drink plenty of water and your urine will be back to normal after several pees. hehehe.

Basically it's a one month supply.
30 tablets for RM49.90

By the way I still prefer Appleton vitamins. Buy for me the orange flavor one next time can? At least that one taste way nicer than this one.


Finally after couple of years, I've decided to visit Casa De Cafe.
The environment is super nice and calm.

Worth to visit. Just that the food is double the normal price you always eat in normal malay shops. hehehe.

Yang Zhou Fried Rice @ RM 7.80
Nothing much in the fried rice except for some tiny squids and 2 tiny prawns.

Iced Honey @ RM 4.90 (left) and Iced Hiney Lemon @ RM 3.90 (right)

Nyonya Pongteh Chicken @ RM 8.80

Cheese Seafood Tofu @ RM 5.0
Omg I really love this one. Slurrrpss!

7-8 April 2012

Was busy for Cheng Beng prayers.
Went to the columbarium to pray my maternal grandparents.


Just an ordinary Monday Blues for me again.
I hate Mondays.
Luckily this special coconut milkshake brighten up my busy day.

 It's located by the roadside.
Their coconut milkshake taste as good as the one in Klebang but this is somehow even more special.

Special Coconut Milkshake @ RM2.50


Had my Consumer Law midterm paper on that day and thank God the paper was not as hard as I expected it to be.
Hopefully I can score this subject.

After exam, we headed to town to look for Mark's new apartment.
Then we stopped by Yong Sheng Gift Shop to buy some cookies and cakes :)

Then Nicole suggested to have lunch in Soya Bean House.

Note: Pictures captured using my lousy 5MP phone camera :)

Cold Soya Bean @ RM 2.50

My Curry Chicken Rice @ RM 6.90

Nicole's Pongteh Chicken Rice @ RM 6.90

Mark's Sweet Sour Chicken Rice @ RM 7.90

 Fruity Tau Fu Fa @ RM 3.20

As for dinner, Mark and I went to Jiki Foodcourt.
That is my first time there.
I had Satay Banjir for dinner.
My God! So special.

5 sticks of Lamb and 5 sticks of beef satay @ RM 7.50

Laicikang @ RM 3.0
LOL the name so cute

Then we drove all the way to Jusco.
Bought some stuffs there.
Take away double cheeseburger and chicken burger from McD when I was on my way back.
Then we tried their new Horlicks McFlurry.
I am not a fan of horlicks and i don't like it either.
But the ice cream really taste good.

I ate so much that day and I felt so guilty towards my tummy.


It's a public holiday but I was busy working the whole day :(
After working, managed to meet the boy and have our dinner in KFC.
I love KFC but then, I hate how slow their services are.
I think they really need to do something to improve the efficiency of their workers.


I'm having another exam this coming Friday.
And I'll be working in MITC Home Expo Fair this coming weekends.
For those who wants to buy furniture, do come visit me okay?

Till then.

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