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Universal Studio: Buckle Up Here We Go! Part 1

This is going to be one hell of a bloody long post.

Day 3 in Singapore Part I

We woke up very early that day because we don't want to line up super long in order to get the tickets.
Very kiasu :P
So we departed around 9am from Toa Payoh to Vivo City to catch the LRT to Sentosa.
The ride from Vivo City to Sentosa was 3SGD.
You need to topup you eZlink card okay. I spend 20SGD just for the card. That means about RM48 for transportation. We used that for buses and LRT.

As for my bus ticket back and forth from Melaka to Singapore and Singapore to Melaka was roughly about RM70.

RM118 spend on transportation already T___________________T
Luckily the LRT and buses quite cheap lor. Like few cents per station only.

Okay so this is us waiting for the lift in my aunt's apartment.

The beauty-licious staircase :)

Vivo City escalator.

Me looking cute right there :P

The arrival of the long waited LRT.
Jeng jeng jeng~
*dup dap dup dap* *nervous*

I didn't get to visit the Sentosa beach station T__________________T because we spend the whole day inside Universal. The ticket cost us RM170+ per person. Of course need to stay the whole day inside ler. If not waste money only.

Woohooo <3

Some shots of the outlets there. You can just slack here without paying the RM170 and still able to camwhore with the Universal Globe thingy.

You can also get Universal Studio merchandise without entering Universal Studio. How great is that?
Save money :)
But you will miss out the fun la of course.
So better enter la. That's my suggestion.

A lot of hot guys inside wei. Of course not the staffs la. But the tourists. OMG!!!

So we camwhored a little before buying the tickets.

Thank God we do not have to line up in order to get the tickets. hahahaha!
We get to buy the tickets instantly. How cool was that?

So here is how it looks like inside.
Tadddaaaa :)

There are 7 themes inside.

1. The Lost World
2. Far Far Away
3. Madagascar
4. Ancient Egypt
5. Hollywood
6. New York
7. Sci-Fi City

And all the pictures taken above was Hollywood. The main entrance was based on Hollywood theme.

WTF! Took me an hour just to blog up to this far.
I feel lazy to continue already

Then we headed to Madagascar and we rode the Crate Adventure.

That's the map for the entire Universal Studio.
Can you see it?
Double click on the picture above for a bigger picture of it all right.

Queuing to ride the crate adventure.
As you can see, the que was pretty long.
But not that many people. I think we waited for 15minutes for the ride.

This is how it looks like inside. We were not allowed to take pictures one. But i curi-curi ambil.
However, my digicam quality sucks big time. So all super blur. lol

I love all the soft toys T_____________________T
Unfortunately I need to save money.
So no soft toys for myself :(

 Right after that we headed for the Carousel ride.
haha kiddy ride :P

And after the ride, I bumped into Kai choy!!!
LOL the world is so small after all. hehehe

After that we headed to Far Far Away land a.k.a Shrek's territory :)

We rode Enchanted Airways and then we watched Shrek 4-D Adventure.
Both also damn nice.

The 4-D movie damn good. The effect damn power. Got water splashed on your face some more. Cish!!!
hahahahaha and the best part was the spider effect. Okay I'm not going to be a spoiler for those who haven't visit there. But oppps I just did. But still there's more which I haven't reveal. So experience it yourself :)

You will be given a 4-D glass and be prepare to witness the amazing adventure. lol.
Damn shiok I tell you!

Then we went to the Merchandise shop.
Basically they have their very own Merchandise shop for every single freaking theme.
So yeah~
More camwhoring pictures of course :P

hahaha barely can see my eyes. Smexy eyes :P

I rode on DONKEY!!!
hahahahaha damn cute la the donkey. And stupid also. hahaha!!!


OMG!!! This is not even half of what I wanted to blog about on my day 3. This is super tiring sial.

I've taken roughly about 1.2k+ photos just for Universal Studio. So I'm just posting some of it. I'm having a difficult time choosing what photo to post ler. Damn it.

Okay I'm going to continue part 2 next time all right. 
Till then. xoxo

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