Monday, April 25, 2011

Trip to Bintulu Sarawak (Day One)

Finally the long waited post is here :)
I've been very very very very busy like always.

I'm trying my best to update this dead blog.

2 weeks ago which was on the 15th of April, my colleagues and I went to Bintulu with our boss and his family for a 3 days trip. It was a pretty last minute trip hence the ticket cost about RM200+ per person o.O

I slept pretty early the day before and I woke up at 2am on Friday because we are departing to LCCT at 4am. We reached there about 6am. Our flight was at 7.05am

The food in the airport is seriously blood sucker. I rather starve to death than eating their stuffs.

However I couldn't control my hunger and so I bought this Soya Bean which cost me RM4 per bottle. Exploited max T_______________T

Something happened before I entered the flight. Andrew was having a hard time in the toilet. Thanks to the Soya Bean. hahaha
So instead of letting me passed through, the guy asked me to wait for them since they were my friends. Ouch... and they kept rushing me to call 'my friends' to hurry up because the plane is going to take off any moment. I tell you, super stress wei that time. My boss and his family already entered. The only one left was Jason, David and Andrew and also the poor innocent me :(

Thnak God we managed to reach on time. 5 minutes before departure.
Dah la need to walk so freaking far =.=

My seat was right beside the airplane's wing =.=
Ishhh kacau daun betul. Can't see the view properly :(

That was my first time on Air Asia. Hmm very cramp la the plane. MAS is more spacious of course. But the price is more spaciously as well :P

We arrived in Bintulu's airport roughly about 9.20am.

The cab cost RM35 ler. It's only about 20minutes drive from the airport to our hotel. Aiyooo so expensive. We took 2 cabs since there were 9 of us. Thank God it was a fully sponsored trip :P except for personal entertainment la.
Food, accommodation and transportation was all fully sponsored by my beloved boss :)

It was an election day for Bintulu. So there were tonnes of banners and flags all over the roadside.

We stayed over in Everly Resort. Wow the hotel was pretty good I must say. Our rooms were roughly RM300 a night. We had double queen size bed. The blanket was so comfy T________________T
I miss the night. Thank God we had a wonderful place to stay for the night or else it was a shitty trip I tell you.

Bintulu got nothing much and their shopping malls sucks to the max. It was just like a 'pekan' lor. Their shopping mall is just like a super market. 20 minutes is all you need in order to complete walking the whole complex =.=

We went for a stroll by the beach/park/garden/pool or whatever it was la =.=
Nice view right.
It was very relaxing I must say :)

 The Cafeteria was lovely too.

 After that, we went for lunch. Exploring the world of Bintulu. Get to know the Borneo living style :P
And this was their first impression to me o______________________o


You can see four wheel drive almost everywhere in Borneo. haha.
UMNO supporters.

 This is the new town and that's the shopping mall. Can you see it? Pretty small.

I had keow teow for lunch. It cost RM4.50 per plate. Fuhhh living in Borneo is very costly wei. So Borneo people are all considered as quite wealthy people.

Only can get this water in Borneo wei. RM1.50 only for 1.5 liter le. Super cheap. Just pray it is not pipe water la O______O

I bought this chocolate cause I'm afraid that I might get lost somewhere in this isolated island. The price was RM7+ which is about similar to Peninsular's price I guess.

After that we headed back to our hotel for some rest. We cleaned ourselves up and had an hour plus of nap. Then Victoria, Kuldip and I decided to go out instead of rotting inside the hotel. Jason and David were still busy sleeping whereas Andrew decided to tag along with us :)

My first time ever doing a jump shoot. wtf! Sorry for being kinda retarded. My camera wasn't fast enough to capture THE MOMENT.

The four of us took a cab to Pantai Temasya Bintulu.
The beach was gorgeous just that the water wasn't as nice as Hawaii.
Cehh as if la I've been to Hawaii before.

HAHAHA when I saw this picture, the only thing that popped out of my mind was
"omg looks like tortoise" hahahaha super cute hor? :P

Awww my cute pink bag pack. LOL
Andrew you looked adorable carrying that bag ;)

This puppy super cute la T_________________________________T

EEEEEEEEEEEEE just look at it T___________________________________________T

On our way back, they came by the beach. So we took this opportunity to camwhore :D

At night, went to town for dinner and also to witness the DAP speech. LOL!

You can only get this fresh orange in a can in Sarawak.

Paul was addicted to David's iPod. hehe
Angry Birds are so addictive. Hmmm I'm considering whether I should get one myself o.O
But I'm just broke like that :(

It was raining the whole night :(

We reached back hotel around 10pm+

 bad quality due to lightings but i love the full length mirror *hearts*

 Camwhored a little before I call it a day. lol.

That's the end of day one and I shall continue with Day 2 and 3.
Toodles :)

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