Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color up my life

Gosh. It's been a week since I last updated my blog. Many things had happened around me and time flies very very fast indeed. I am now in my week 7 of attachment and guess what? That's the end of week 7 :D for me only of course. The rest of my friends will have to work up to this Friday while as for me I only worked on Monday. I have to go MMU in awhile for some briefing regarding to the interview.

At least I get to stay at home up to this hour ;)

So here's some updates.

This place produce a very good smell of coffee. Though I'm not a fan of coffee, but I do have to admit that it smells very very convincing and it made me felt like drinking o.O

Last Thursday, after my work, I headed to my gramps place to meet up with my cousins. Brought them to new Jusco to shop.

I bought 2 new formal shirt, a dress and also a blouse :D
Shopping is love provided if you got the cash.


Last Friday was Jason's long call day.
He was called to the bar to be an officially known as a lawyer. Congratz man.

Before we visited him in the High court that afternoon, we went for a quite high class dim sum restaurant near melaka raya area.
But we did not ate any dim sum coz it was freaking madly expensive O__O

We had egg tarts and wan tan pork noodles instead. Yummy to the max. Except the egg tarts wasn't that good. The smell wasn't that strong..... The one sold in mmu corner pasar malam tasted 10 times better and cheaper I think.

In the afternoon. We went to Melaka High Court for the long call ceremony.

There were many happy and proud faces there especially from family members.
I pun tumpang gembira sajalah :P

After the ceremony ended, I drove back home to take my shower and drove off to fetch my cousins for lepaking session. Went to Jonker for some food hunting. Gosh. I gained 2kg after that. Seriously. I need to diet now T____T

Oh yea, did I tell you that my boyfie came back from Singapore on last Friday?
Teehheee <3

My china friend helped me to take this shot. Hahahahaha! I became their 15mins tour guide that night. Guide them to Jonker. wtf!

They asked me lots of questions and I tried to use my very best to talk to them with ala-ala pure china accent. But fail like dunno what shit. However thank God they can understand my chinese language. hahahahaha.

Boyfie and I <3

We took crazy lots of pictures that night. Anyway, I'll continue my post for my weekends activities. Till then, I shall stop now. Gotta prepare to campus.

Adios peeps.

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