Friday, May 31, 2013

Thailand - Phang Nga Bay

Day 2 Part 2
Date : 14 April 2013

Canoeing is a must whenever you're in Krabi or somewhere around Krabi.
They have a collection of beautiful mangroves location for you to explore.
The one that I went was somewhere around Phang Nga Bay.

Once you're in Krabi, they have lots of kayaking/canoeing packages for you to choose from.
The one we had cost 300 baht per person (RM30). The ride was about 30 minutes or so.
The package we had was quite good (because all of us are lazy people especially Mark who doesn't want to kayak himself. According to him it's too tiring) because there's a 'ready made man' who will be there and do their job. All we have to do was to sit, relax and camwhore like mad and enjoy the show.

If you are the kind who prefers to kayak on your own, you can request for such package. They have a full day or a half day package. The price for that should be about RM100 and above per person.

 Drop dead gorgeous!

 Welcome aboard :)

 They even sell coconuts there. So unique!

Words can't describe my feelings at the moment. Let the pictures do the talking.
(Plus I'm too lazy to type anyway hehe)

After all those exciting views and rides, we headed to Koh Panyee Village for lunch.

We did some window shopping soon after.
And I bumped into this super cute can die Arale's cap!
OMG I want it so badly!!! Unfortunately the price was not worth it.

 *had a fetish for Arale*

For those who didn't know what the heck is Arale. Well it's actually an anime character from Dr Slump.
One of my favorite anime by Akira Toriyama. The same author for Dragon Ball.

In this anime the character is so cute and disgusting. Her favorite item is 'shit'. That is why I love her so much. Okay the end. Thanks.

 On our way back to Krabi Town.
Adios Amigos!

Some hot stuffs that we bought.

Next post - Ao Nang.

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