Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chucuk Chucuk

Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin @ UV Bukit Beruang

Kai Choy came down town all the way from JB just for some bonding and catching up session with the Melaka buddies.

We had drinking session at Jr's place.
Only limited people were invited as we only had a bottle of Dry Gin.



It smells so good. Just like lemonade. 
But it taste like Clorox! Ewwww....



Melaka Raya Starbucks branch.

Chucuk Chucuk

Found out there's a new halal satay celup branch in Melaka town.
This is the second branch aside from the first one which is located at Bukit Beruang Melaka.
Unfortunately, I've never stepped my foot in that branch yet.

It cost me RM37+ per person (weekday dinner) and we took peanut gravy whereas we need to add an additional price of RM5.99 for that.

The satay celup here differs from the one in Bukit Beruang branch.
This branch is based on buffet concept and not based on RM0.80 per skewer.

I'm not sure whether both of these branch derive from the same Boss. 

The environment is quite nice. But the food options are quite limited compared to Seoul Garden.
As for the pricing, I think it's quite pricey.
The staffs are friendly.

Ambiance: 4/5
Friendliness: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Price: Quite expensive
Service: 4/5

 Nurulz homemade ice cream.
The ice cream actually taste good :)

  We spent 2 hours eating. 

Fat can die :)


 Muka nak kena tendang.

 First time ordering Manggo Passion Ice Blended from Starbucks and the taste was ughhh....
Waste of money T____T

Stupid boyfie spoiling my selca shot -___-

We went to watch Olympus has fallen in the evening.
That movie is a must watch.
The killing was brutal but at the same time I enjoyed it. O__O

After movie we headed to Jonker for dinner.

 Marriage is a game over. hahahaha!

 Cute couple tees.

 Group shot taken by a lovely British couple. They are so friendly and funny.


 We had egg and beef burger from McD. I love the combination of it but the boyfie said the egg spoiled the taste of the beef patty. To me it taste just fine. That's because I'm a big fan of EGGS! hahahaha :P

Bought Seventeen, April's issue just for the sake of Bigbang's poster.

* counting down the days.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Make Someone Melt

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the sudden disappearance. 
Had been so busy lately that I've got no time to update my blog.
It's almost the end of March :)
Can't wait for the month of April. I'll be having my super short holiday in Krabi Island next month.
Excited? Absolutely!

There's nothing much to blog about.
I can't recall what I've did so far for the past few weeks.
I'm having a very bad memory every now and then.
Thanks to what? - Working life!

This is just a short update with pictures and caption.
I'll try my best to blog more often.

#1 Dinner with the boyfie.

#2 Crazy night out just right after work

That was one of my craziest night in the month of March.
I went to 3 different places just for food. And all that was right after work.
So my lepaking session starts from 6pm until about 11pm.
Imagine how tiring it was. But of course it's fun. How I wish to have it everyday.

So my first stop was in Haagen Dazs. It has been ages since I last visited this place.

 My food partner was nonetheless Cik Maryam

 I'm getting chubbier kot :D

 Can't get enough of these. 

After the light dessert (ehem light la sangat) I went for dinner with another bunch of friends and they were so crazy that I almost died out of heart attack when the bill came. The total bill was about RM500.
And that's not just about it. After dinner, we headed to Hard Rock Cafe for some light drinking session. Cocktails and juices. So one of our friend being the 'gentleman' wanted to fork out the bill for us. Kononnya nak belanja la. But when the bill came he almost puke blood. Which he ended up asking us to pay. lol.

One of my best night :)

#3 Starbucks with Le babes!

Lepaking session with them right after their Bangkok trip.
Most of them got sunburned. Sexy bikini line marks you all got there. hahaha!

NOOOO.... Not our scandal photo. hahaha :P

And here's what Jr and Nicole got me all the way from Bangkok.
A cute NARAYA makeup pouch!
Thank you so much girls.

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