Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You make me wanna.......

This is going to be a lengthy post due to my 2 weeks of absence in my little blogging world. Had been very very busy lately with studies to catch up with for the finals and also assignments.

Friday (9/9/2011)

Went to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 with Marky. The movie was quite good and funny for a local production.
Contain lots of 'isi tersirat' dirty jokes.
I would rate 7/10
I heard the movie is not going to be showed in cinema due to some unsatisfactory from *coughs* you know who.

So for those who haven't watch, make sure you do. But somehow if you are unable to watch them in the cinema, no worries. I got a feeling that you can just get the pirated dvd soon in the night market :)

That day itself we went to Tea Milk twice.
Goshh... my crazy slave.

Then I had Happy Meal for dinner :D


Saturday & Sunday

Stayed at home doing something beneficial which is REVISION!
My most healthy weekends for the semester. haha.

Monday (12/9/2011)

Went to Nandos for lunch :D
Had my normal dish which is 1/4 peri peri chicken *yummy*

Bought a 4GB thumb drive after being forced by stupid Mark!!!
I had 2 thumb drive already but then being corrupted by stupid virus EVEN AFTER I FORMATTED IT!!!
Damn it!

Anyway it was Mid-Autumn that day and I didn't get to celebrate at all :(
Aih.. kinda disappointed but oh well. There's nothing I can do to change the past.

Tuesday & Wednesday

Once again, the Buddha told me to stay at home and be a good girl studying. haha.
Most of the time I spend it on my comfy bed sleeping and watching Taiwan Drama. duh duh duh!!
Apa nak jadi lah wahai Ruby.
Bertaubat lah!

Thursday (15/9/2011)

Went to watch Johnny English with Mark and Fikry :D
We reached there pretty late and we missed the earlier parts. GRRR!!!!
We actually missed the movie about 10-15 minutes.

Satisfied myself with the largest pack of popcorn in the movie. Ahhhh~~~ *slrups*

After movie, we went to the isolated Tea Milk for a drink. Yeah again. hahaha.

Then we went to Station One for dinner :D

Nugget with cheese RM6.90

Baked Cheese Rice. Damn fattening :P but quite delicious.

Went back home right after dinner for further revision.
Life sucks when you are at the midst of having fun but you have no choice but to think about exam which is just around the corner. blah! Mood spoiler.

By the time I got back home, I was having a terrible flu without any signs or syndrome that i'm going to get sick :(

But since I looked pretty good that day *ahem* (muka tebal sikit) so I decided to camwhore a little despite of having a terrible flu. haha

By the way, thanks for the little surprise slave-ku.


Sick whole day. Couldn't do anything else but to sleep because the medicine made me very sleepy and weak.
One whole day wasted just like that. FML

Saturday (17/9/2011)

Thank God my flu was a little bit better.
No more running nose. wiippeee :)

Drove all the way to MMU just to meet the smelly boy :D
Tried to do some revision together but failed because we ended up talking crap. haha.

Around 5pm+ we went to Sushi King for dinner.
Finally I get to hang out with Nicole after 3 weeks of break in between Raya and study week.
Kinda miss teasing her :)

Awww so adorable. He was busy explaining something that none of us gives a fuck about it. HAHAHAHA!
Anyway nice candid *winks*

And my favorite part for that day was when the guys were trying so hard to act cute in order for me to take a picture of them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Fikry was having a difficult time to act cute because most of the time he looks funny and weird and serious instead of cute. lol

So this is us being cute. there's no need for us to act cute when we are already one :P



Yiiiiii why you so cute one ler Mark?
Haiz... I admit me and Nicole also lose to him. hahaha.
He seriously got a female genetic in him.
My SISSY boy :D


There's another picture of him doing the lala pose but I shall just keep it to myself. I might leak that nude lala picture of his one day *muahahahahaha*

Sunday (18/9/2011) & Monday (19/9/2011)

The battle begins. Did my revision from 11am up to 2am. In between I only had several toilet breaks, had my shower, lunch and dinner. Owh and I also fell asleep couple of times. But still this is by far my world record for doing revision. I am so proud of myself. As a result for the crazy intense of studying, I am confident enough to say that I can pass the Civil paper without worrying of the word failing.
Pass setakat cukup-cukup makan lah. Not say can get A or what also. hahahaha!!!

Had only 3 hours plus of sleep. Hopefully all those sacrifices I made will bring me good.

After exam, went to Mcd for lunch. Then off to work until night.
See la. So rajin. Exam time also have to work. Aihh :(
Once I got back home around 10pm, started my revision around 11pm to 1.30am for Juris paper. Had roughly about 4 hours of sleep.

If this continues, I swear I am going to look uglier in no time. I need my beauty sleep!
At least 9 hours a day. Itu pun tak cukup. hahaha.

Tuesday (20/9/2011)

So my Juris paper today was 50-50
I could answer partially while the other half I crap all the way to Hollywood bebeh.
There's no need to worry about failing this paper. The only question is that whether can score or not.
But after answering the finals, I do not expect much for the outcome except for at least a B-

Went to Lot 85 for lunch with the gang right after exam.
That place is by far the biggest malay shop I ever tried. They cooked many dishes and it is self service.
The pricing is also quite expensive. I had a chicken, 4-5 super tiny prawns, and stupid liver mix with vegetables (accidentally took it because I don't know what was that). Had a bad time trying to chew the damn liver. Arghhh!!!! I hate it so much. The taste like dunno what ahh... ewww

So I'm officially done with 2 papers and all that left is the remaining 3 papers.
After that I am free as a bird for at least 2 weeks before the new semester begins.
So where should I go for my holidays? - No where.

Aihh :(

Till then. xoxo

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tea Milk

Raya mood is no longer there.
Everyone is busy with final exam preparation now.

As for me I have no choice but to force myself to start studying a little bit earlier than the normal me.
Or else I'm gonna die alone.

But my progress is still as slow as a snail. Got caught with interruptions all the time. I started watching this Taiwan Drama acted by Rainie and Wu Chun called Sunshine Angel.

Aiyo... don't know why every time when I am close to exam, the mood of watching anime or drama will haunt me. FML!


Last Saturday, I went to coconut shake to meet up with Tsin Yin. My very first time hanging out with her. Just the two of us. She just got back from Cameron and I jokingly asked her to buy me Strawberries and which she did. OMG!
So thankful and shy in the same time.
Thanks a lot babe.
I enjoyed talking with you. It's just the first time hanging out but we got lotsa topic to talk about. hahaha.

<3 thanks babe

Right after, went to town to meet my sweetheart.
Finally he got back from sakai town :D

Went to Sushi King for dinner.

He looks so exhausted.
Awww poor thing.
But never mind la. Meeting me is more important *teehee*

Then we tried this Milk Tea located in an isolated place in Hatten Square.
It is located at the same row with Overtime.
Seriously! Damn nice. But too bad it was hidden at the back so there's no people at all.
The milk tea mix with vitagen or yakult. Slurps~


4/9/2011, Sunday

Went to Milk Tea again. Mark loves it very much.
Milk Tea fanatic.

Then we watched The Smurfs :D
Finally after waiting for couple of months for the movie to be released.
Cute max :)

After the movie, we headed to McD for dinner.
I wanted to get the Happy Meal toys.
And this is what I got :)

If you press his hand, their theme song will be played.
lalalalalala sing a happy song.
hahahaha sungguh meng-annoying-kan punya lagu.

That day was not a good day for me. Out of no reason I sneeze the entire day and as a result I got a flu.

Mark suggested that we had some hot drinks to help my stupid flu.
But no difference at all.

I had Signature Hot Chocolate with whipped cream while he had Cocoa Cappuccino with Caramel Syrup.
I didn't know that it can taste so good.
I never had hot drinks in Starbucks before. I always tend to go for ice blended.


6/9/2011, Tuesday

Had 8am Civil Tutorial class. The last class for the subject this semester.
Right after class, went to Nando's with Mark and Haasyieff.

Forgot to bring my camera. So this is where my phone camera has the chance to show me what it got.
Quality crappy.

hahahahahaha what pokemon is this?

I had 1/4 Hot Peri Peri Chicken for brunch. And the guys had some grilled burger thingy if I'm not mistaken.
And we had Caramel Cheese cake. RM8.90 per piece.
It taste very delicious.


Yesterday was my last class ever for this whole semester.
So now I can finally start doing my revision in peace without disturbance.
Oh wait, I still have to do the Peer Assessment for Jurisprudence.

Happy studying week everyone.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The End of August

First and foremost I would like to wish all the Muslims Selamat Hari Raya and also to every Malaysian Happy National Day.


It's now the first of September and without us noticing, we left about 2 semesters more before everyone started with their own new life - working life.

I want to be forever 21!


Last Saturday I went to watch Spy Kids 4 in Dataran.
I did not bother to check the GSC webpage so we went there stupidly instead.

All the movies that I planned to either watch one of them were in 3D

1. Spy Kids
2. Conan
3. Final Destination 5


They wanted to watch Final Destination 5 in 3D but I objected.
Ewww so geli la watch in 3D.

So in the end, I was the one who made the decision. The rest have to obey me. MUAHAHAHAH!!!
I'm da' boss.

Rm16 for the bloody 3D movie T______________________T

Not a bad movie but not encouraged to watch in 3D.
The normal one is more than enough.


After staying home for couple of days, I decided to hang out with Mei Liang, Sher Lyn and 2 other of her friends.

It took us almost 2 hours just to reach Mahkota.
Freaking jam like mad.

I'm supposed to join them to Singapore trip today :(
But I've made a last minute decision and unfortunately the bus tickets all sold out already.
Most of them bought the ticket 2weeks back.
I'm gonna miss out the fun. sob.

Anyway it was Pink Wednesday yesterday.
2 scoops of BR ice cream for the price of 1.
It's been quite some time since I last ate BR.

I did not plan to do any shopping yesterday.
But I just couldn't resist myself.
Ended up I bought a vintage looking sling handbag, a dress, a top and also a contact lense from FreshKon.

RM50 for a month. We bought 2 and he gave us RM45 each. I got myself the Winsome Brown color.
The guy gave us a free solution :)

Though they said it's for a month, but I think I would probably wear it up to 3 months.

Unlike those other brands where you can get for RM20+ each and they told you that you can wear it for a year. Well I don't know whether it's true or not or it is just another form of marketing skills. To attract people to buy their product without even considering the consumer's health.

However from what I've observed, most of my friends were using those lenses up to 6 months. Everything seems find. So maybe it is trusted after all.

Contact lense is like a necessity nowadays. The main purpose of contact lense is actually for those who are wearing spectacles. It was meant for them to look better without the spec. Somehow people who don't even have a bad eye sight tend to use lenses nowadays to have bigger eyes.

After shopping, we went to Ong Kim Wee for satay celup.
Goshh... all 3 shops there were super full. I bet Capitol will be super freaking full as well.

After that we headed to Malim's Food Court for second round :)
And when I got back home I ate again.

Depressed syndrome for not being able to join them to Singapore.

Till then.
Can't wait for Saturday *hearts*
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