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Legoland® Malaysia @ Nusajaya Johor

Warning: This post is going to be lengthy with crazy a lot of pictures!

Let me start with the Introduction for this post.
Legoland was launched on the 15th September 2012 in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

This is the 6th Legoland in the whole wide world. We should be proud because it is the FIRST and only one in ASIA.
Proud to be a Malaysian (just for this reason only la) :P

We planned for this trip in the middle of September. So we've decided to go on the 10th of November as the 'feng shui' Master told us that it's going to be a 'LUCKY' day, date and time for us.
Just kidding.

Lucky apa bendanya. Unlucky instead adalah.

We were supposed to depart around 7.30am. Unfortunately the boy had a punctured tyre when he was on his way fetching me. (The first 'lucky' moment)

The boy had to change 2 new tyres. And we got delayed just because of that.
The moment we departed, it was almost 10am.
Damn! What a luck.

 At the workshop

Secondly, our GPS couldn't detect the exact location of Legoland. So we actually got lost about 10-15 minutes around Nusajaya. hahaha!

The moment we arrived Legoland's car park zone, the rain started to pour super heavily. (Second 'lucky' moment). It was already 1pm by the time we reached. And now you're telling me that I can't play because of the rain. The heck man!

 Happy faces despite the bad weather.


There's a number of shops, cafes and restaurants for you to choose from before heading in to Legoland.
If I'm not mistaken, this place is called Medini.

The girls ;) 
(Sarah, Jasyu and I)

 Camwhoring while waiting for the rain to subside but it 
seems like that's not going to happen anytime soon.

So we ran all the way to the main entrance just to meet up with Reuben and Tam - my Singaporean and Vietnamese friend. They came down JB just to meet up with me. Tam was having a week holidays in Singapore. I met him when I visited Vietnam in August this year. It's good to have friends from other countries you know :)

So here you go. A shot of us.


 Look at the rain people! Ughhh mood spoiler :(

 Wooppsss! Wrong angle taken.  *sniff*

 hahaha still doesn't make any differences.

Well actually the little girl is trying to push the boy up so that he can smuggle himself into the theme park.
You pervert people sure thinks that she's smelling his butt instead right? tsk tsk shame on you!

Reuben and Tam went to get their tickets at the booth counter and then all of us headed back to Medini for lunch. There's no use for us to enter the theme park because of the heavy rain.


Had our lunch in ElMigos.
The food price ranges from RM15 to RM50.

Our lunch *hearts*

By the time we were done with our lunch, it was already 3pm -______-
Where got enough time to play la?
Emo lor!

One last shot with the welcoming board

(this is how your ticket will look like if you buy from the counter on the day itself)
Reuben's and Tam's ticket

(this is how it will look like if you buy your tickets through online)
(which is way cheaper of course. will tell you in detail about it at the end of my blog post)

Basically, Legoland is divided into 7 different themes or lands.
1. The Beginning
2. Lego Technic
3. Lego Kingdoms
4. Imagination
5. Land of Adventure
6. Lego City
7. Miniland

Click on the map below for a better view or idea of what I'm actually talking about.

The Beginning would be the last theme that you would wish to visit because there's nothing much about it except for you to shop for souvenirs.

So we started our journey by exploring Lego Technic.

We wanted to ride the Project X but the queue was about an hour!
Hence we skipped the idea of trying it out. Here's a video clip on how the ride actually looks like.

Next we have Technic Twister which is a kiddish ride and so we skipped that too.
That game is exactly like the tea cup ride where you can spin it in order for it to go for it's maximum speed. Depending on how strong you can spin the wheel.

Besides that, they also have AQUAZONE Wave Racers and we skipped that too! We skipped the entire rides/games that they have in Lego Technic.

 Poking Albert Einstein's nostril.

Next stop was Lego Kingdoms.

And our very first ride was Dragon's Apprentice.

It's called Apprentice for a reason. Because there's a GRANDMOTHER ride for that. Will talk about it soon.
So this Dragon's Apprentice ride is just a child's play. Not scary at all. In fact most of the rides I tried wasn't as crazy as the one I rode before back in Universal Studio Singapore - Cylon. That was pure madness. Owh and also not to forget the UFO in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Taiwan. Those two rides are one hell of an experience. Fuh! Madness.
But then again, Legoland is created for the sole purpose of serving the kids. Don't expect much for a scary/dangerous/adrenaline rush games here.

Back to the main topic.

 Jasyu berebut main lego with the kids. hehehe :P

 This castle reminds me of Universal Studio.

 Time to ride The Dragon 
(which is way more adventurous compared to Dragon's Apprentice)

Once upon a time....

They have photo booth that captures your ugly/unprepared shots while riding the roller coaster.
Damn sengaja lor. Ada ke patut the camera take shots of you when the roller coaster is actually going all the way down from a top level at a high speed. How do you expect people to take a nice pose out of it la?
My first shot was hideous. Even my grandmother will not recognize me :x

However, Fikry got a nice shot of himself. Damn cool giler. Menyampah!

He bought it for RM30.

Besides that, they have mini games for you to play (the rewards are big plushies)
I love this grey teddy bear. Unfortunately to win it wasn't easy.
You have to pay RM10 and you'll be given two chances to touch the bottom of the metal without hitting it.
Hmmm I'm not good in explaining this. Just see for yourself.

 Saw the thing above. Yeah basically something like that la.

 We played another game where you have to throw the ball into the green bucket.
It's not easy as it seems. Because the ball is very bouncy. It bounces easily.
We didn't get any :(

We skipped this theme as well due to time constrain.
But basically this place is for kids.

Next destination was Miniland!
One of my most favorite theme.
They have 17 different mini buildings built with legos!

2. Putrajaya
3. Kuala Lumpur
4. Johor Bahru
5. Singapore
6. India
7. Myanmar
8. China
9. Laos
10. Brunei
11. Philipines
12. Indonesia
13. Vietnam
14. Cambodia
15. Thailand
16. Port Tanjung Pelepas
17. Pirate

With Taj Mahal

There's a lot of other shots taken in Miniland.
I don't think I'll be able to post all of them in here.

Just visit Legoland and you'll know.

We continued to Land of Adventure.
Started our adventure with several epic jump shots.

 HAHAHAHA! Retard us ;)

 Tam is good in jumping. Most of his jump shots are perfect!

LOL! Look at the middle guy's expression. 

 We didn't ride this because the queue was long and you'll get wet as well.

 But they have this drying machine which is quite cool.

After that we decided to ride The Dragon again in order to get a perfect shot of us.
So we rode that another extra two times. Which makes it 3 times in total.
All 3 shots of myself memang cannot pakai at all :(
But I decided to buy it as memory.

Our final stop was at Lego City.
We spent about an hour deciding what to buy for ourselves.

Key chain @ RM 19.95 each!
Bloody expensive O_O

 Fridge Magnet @ RM 54.95 per pack (3 magnets)

Most of their items are expensive.
Make sure that you'll bring extra cash if you plan to shop for souvenirs!

 One last shot before we headed back

We had our dinner in Shihlin.
And off to Melaka after 9pm.

Items bought :)
 1 pack of erasers (mahal giler), 1 pack of Star Wars Magnet and a pack of Lego Bricks magnet.

Photo shot taken at The Dragon roller coaster.

If you plan to drive all the way to Legoland from Melaka, the tol is about RM60 (back and forth).
As for the ticket prices, please refer below.

TicketReg. price
    Online (7-Days Advance Booking)
1-Day Ticket Adult (12-59)          
RM 140     RM 105
1-Day Ticket Child (3-11)
RM 110     RM 82.50
1-Day Ticket Senior (60+)
RM 110     RM 82.50

GPS coordination:

 N1º 26' 14" E103º 37' 2"


Mark said...

legoland malaysia is an awesome place to play games, fun and amusement.It's really nice to see legoland malaysia photo gallery with funny mood and great pleasure.
In jumping style, the guy in black (may be TAM) is awesome.Aaahaaa I can see his feet in nice manner just like "Budha" :)...
In the previous pic, your poses are great.The guy in blue seems to be suffering from hair loss =P.Don't take it serious :).

In short, I enjoyed your pics and gonna bookmark your blog for future visits awesome trips like this.
You all guys are relatives or just friends?

legoland malaysia location
Also tell me whether this offer is still valid or not?
30% Off on Legoland Malaysia

ruby said...

Hello there :)
thanks for reading my blog.
Some are friends but some are relatives.

As for the 30% it's valid until the end of December if I'm not mistaken. Provided you show them the discount pamphlet. Which u can get it from Popular.

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Srikanth k said...

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