Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Malacca Club

We were having an extra curricular for the professionals (doctors and lawyers) in two weeks back.
Whereby it was a tradition for them to compete with each other in various types of sports/games.

As a chambering students, it was a compulsory attendance for us. Our job/role was just to be there for moral and physical support. Some sort like 'kelefeh' only la.

 Some light makan-makan


 The snooker challenge

 Badminton match

Trophies and Awards

 With Kaiek and Jr

 Stop running around Fikry! lol

 Chubby nyer muka.

 Soccer match in the evening under the heavy rain. Pro lah!


After dinner, they had a final battle to decide who will be the winner.
The final game was called Boat Racing.
At first I thought Boat Racing was literally a boat racing.
But it was not literally that meaning.
It was actually a drinking match. lol

Boat Racing

The man in blue totally can drink in maximum speed.
Most of us were stunned with his ability.
Pro tahap dewa.

Well of course team lawyers won after calculating all the marks from all the matches.
Bravo :)

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