Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hong Kong Disneyland

Our third day in Hong Kong was fully allocated for Disneyland!
That was my sole purpose for visiting Hong Kong.

The 1-Day ticket for adult cost HK$589 if you purchase it at the counter booth.
I would advise you to buy it either at the airport or through kkday because the pricing may differ quite a huge sum.

As for us, we bought our tickets from one of the kiosk located inside of the Airport. We bought it upon arrival. It only cost us HK$480 per person. That is HK$109 lesser in comparison. You can save at least RM60 per person for that!

Make sure to survey the price before buying it. You can really save a lot if you are hardworking enough to make comparison in prices before making any dumb purchases.

On our way to Disneyland.

Welcome to Hong Kong Disneyland.

We were there just in time for the Halloween festival.
The entire Disneyland was decorated with cute Mickey pumpkins.

Minnie Mouse in the house yo!

The entire park was divided into 7 themes.

1) Main Street, U.S.A

With our cute and friendly sale assistant in Pandora.

Got ourselves a limited edition charm.
2016 was Hong Kong Disneyland's 10th Anniversary.

Why all so cute? 

2) Tomorrowland

We decided to have our lunch here - Starliner Diner.

Each proper meal cost at least about HK$90 and above. Which is around RM50 excluding drinks.
You can also buy a meal voucher at the same booth in the Airport. We bought it for HK$130 which includes a meal at a selected restaurant and two free drinks.

Mind you, a bottle of carbonated or mineral water cost about HK$25-30 each. Make sure to bring plenty of water or a bigger bottle because you may refill free drinking water at certain restrooms.

3) Fantasyland

This is my favorite theme out of all seven because it is so princess-princess style.

Having a ride with - It's a small world

Had a walk through the whimsical storybook garden.

Flights of Fantasy Parade.
Parade starts at 3.30pm

4) Adventureland

This is where Tarzan lives.

Hai Tarzan! Eh why got wear clothes?

5) Grizzly Gulch

The only theme that I managed to try their thrilling ride. Other themes are mainly for little kids. Tskkk!

6) Mystic Point

By the time we got there, it was already after 7pm. No more rides are available by then.
Aihh what a waste. What a pity.

Only managed to get a shot with this beautiful mansion.

7) Toy Story Land

Last but not least, it's the toy story land!
We couldn't hop on to the exciting RC Racer ride because it was already too late :(

Disney in the Stars - Fireworks are scheduled at 8.00pm and be sure to be at the Mainstreet USA or Fantasyland to have a good view. You need to be there earlier in order to have a good view of the fireworks display.

After fireworks display, time to balik loh....
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