Monday, July 22, 2013

Malaysia - Perak - Ipoh (Gerbang Malam / Ipoh’s Court House / Railway Station / Birch Memorial Clock Tower)

Gerbang Malam

This is Ipoh’s night market which is located at Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar and it starts operating from 7pm until midnight. It is just the ordinary pasar malam thing where you can find in most of you housing area especially in Malaysia. Nothing extra-ordinary about it. Jonker is far way better.

We had our dinner at a restaurant called Lou Wong. One of Ipoh’s must eat food is the Tauge Ayam a.k.a chicken with bean sprouts. It is one of their famous food. You can find a variety of restaurants selling the same thing in Gerbang Malam. We tried Lou Wong’s Tauge Ayam instead. A big thanks to Ashvin and Thars for spending time with us and bringing us around Ipoh. A thousand thanks to you girls. We really appreciate it. xoxo

People in Ipoh speaks Cantonese, so I find it a little bit to communicate with them. I ended up placing my orders in Mandarin. Thank God they can understand me. lol
You must try their asam boi drink. It is so addictive and everyone ordered at least 2 glass per person. Some greedy fella actually had 3 glass. I wonder who.

After dinner, we wanted to shop for souvenirs. The only practical stall that is worth buying souvenir is from this one particular shop where they sell wooden board signs/posters or what ever you name it. I've no freaking idea what do we call it anyway.

 Fikry with his purchase.

With the girls :)
Owhh I look so chubby. Camera man's problem! :P

Ashvin also showed us around town and we stopped by the Perak Bar as well as the Mahkamah Tinggi Ipoh :)

Court House

It is located at Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab.
Easier for those who wants to visit the court in Ipoh in the future. lol.

The guards thought that we are a bunch of crazy rempits with nothing better else to do. Ada kah tengah-tengah malam berposing depan mahkamah. Ohh you'll see how a lot of court photo collections we had for the entire trip. LOL. Wait for it in the following post to come. Psychotics!

Mini i-City Ipoh's version

This place is very beautiful, relaxed and calmed. You can find a lot of couples 'berpacaran' around this area. hahahaha.

Train Station

The following day, we continued our journey to explore the city.
We went to visit the train station. The amount of crowd there was very little.
Nothing much to explore there.

Birch Memorial Clock Tower

The clock tower was built back in 1909 in memory of James WW Birch. If you still remember who that guy is. If you don't, please refer back to your Sejarah's text book.

Before we left Ipoh, we had lunch with Tharshini and Ashvinder.
Can't remember the name of the shop. But it's a combination of mamak and chinese fella sharing the same rooftop for a living. The mamak selling food, meanwhile the chinese selling drinks.

According to Ashvin, people queue just to have a bite of the fried chicken here.
Well to me it taste quite normal. Heh.
Owhh but you must try their Caramel Custard! It's so delicious!

 That's all for Ipoh. Gonna miss this place so much.

Shall end my Ipoh post with a scandalous picture of these two creatures :)

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