Friday, July 31, 2015

Malaysia - Perak (Sam Poh Thong Temple / J.J Cafe / Teluk Intan Leaning Tower)


Few days before Raya, we had an impromptu random trip to Perak without proper planning.
It is fun to have an unplanned plan. Although sometimes shit could happen.
Thankfully the road to Perak was super smooth.
We departed from Melaka at 6am. Bloody kiasu-ness because we thought that the traffic is going to be extremely bad.

7am selfie

Arrived Perak about 10am.

Actually there's nothing much in Perak.
I have no idea why I agreed to go there during Raya -_____- *slap self 100 times*

Since there's nothing else to visit (because I've visited and covered almost all of the 'must visit' tourist attractions previously) therefore, it's time to do some meditation in the temple to wash away all sins.



Our first stop was Sam Poh Thong Temple.
It's an ordinary temple, nothing majestic about it.
However, there's a tortoise pond inside the temple.
*omggg exciteeed!!*

The compulsory tourist shot in front of the attraction site.
Meet Henry, my new friend.
Say Haiiii~

Operating hours schedule.

Pendekar Kura-kura.

Cucumbers for sale. RM 2 each.
To feed the little tortoises.

I love the view taken from this angle.

Another temple which is connected to Sam Poh Thong. Just few metres away.
This temple has monkeys instead! Wow....

Heart. Lock. Sealed.

2.   J.J CAFE

After being exposed to the crazy heat, all of us were too exhausted to make any further visits to other temples as planned. Instead, we hunt for a cold place for a drink and also to get free aircond!

Awww so sweet of him to smile when he noticed that I'm taking his picture. 
Hehehe..  Thank you :)

Mango + Orange + Pineapple and Dragon fruit + Apple + Lemon at RM10 each.
Sedap oh!

After our tea time, we headed straight to our homestay which I booked earlier on via airbnb.
Airbnb provides various of cool places to stay with a price range from cheap to expensive depending on your budget and location.

I booked mine from Ronald Homestay Ipoh.
The owner is a friendly guy.

Our room for that night.

The bathroom.

The house of the room we're living in.

For descriptions, owner will normally state it in their homepage.
For example how many minimum nights you are required to stay, what are the do's and dont's and also they will list down the amenities.

The total price is RM69 per night including the service fee to Airbnb.

Overall I rate this place 4 out of 5.

After putting our stuffs, we headed to Teluk Intan.
About an hour plus from Simpang Pulai.
The entire day was basically spent in the car.

Off to our next destination!

There's this Chee Cheong Fun that is super popular at Teluk Intan.
Look at the amount of people queuing.

We waited for almost an hour before we could make our order.

Everyone are super crazy!
They bought minimum of 10 packets ler!
Some bought more than 50 packets once.
By the way you can't dine in there. It's a take away policy only.

Look at the amount of green chillies.

Chee Cheong Fun in the making 

At first we wanted to buy only 5 packets but after we saw everyone bought more than 10 packets, we decided not to lose to them and our KIASU-NESS mode on lor.

HAHAAHAHAH! Typical chinese pattern :P
Die die tak mau kalah punya.

We bought about 14 packets I think.

Each packet cost RM4.50 leh! So expensive lor. Luckily it's delicious.


There's no need for you to travel all the way to Italy just to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
You can find one in Teluk Intan.
More colorful compared to Pisa.

Lean On - Major Lazer

hahaha please focus on Andy's face. Epic!


Sigh. None of the guys can take my jumpshot. Fail lah you all.

All of my jumpshot turned out to be retarded looking girl.

Peace yo!


If you're wondering, the trip actually consisted 5 people.
Unfortunately there is this one particular species by the name of Pee Yin who is camera shy and tried all means to avoid camera/phone lenses.


Our one last stop was at some random hawker which sells fried kueh teow.

That's all for day one.

Here's a short clip which I tried to combine. First time ever editing video.
Couldn't find any proper apps / software yet.
However I found this great app whereby you don't have to install it in order to use it.

It's called Magisto.

That's all.


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