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Taiwan - Taipei (Yehliu Geopark)

Day 2 Part 1 - (18 May 2012)

The next day, I woke up at 5am. How could this be possible? If I'm in Malaysia, I will usually be awake only when it is after 12pm. Yes I am known as the pig queen. haha!

As you all know, if you travel by tour, you will need to sacrifice your sleeping time as they have organised a super fully pack activities for you. And I'm sure that, if you travel by yourself, you're going to waste most of your time sleeping like a pig (because that was what I did before).

I get about 4-5 hours worth of sleep only. EVERYDAY!
But then I slept in the bus since our journey normally takes about couple of hours to reach the next destination.

It was only 5.30am when I took this picture. I was shocked to see how bright it was. 
Sakai much? Yes indeed!

Our breakfast was at 6am which was located in the Hotel's restaurant.
Here are some shots taken inside of the Hotel.

The Hotel is quite pretty.

Our breakfast :)

The dining hall

Here's a tip given by our tour guide.
If there's a China tourist in your hotel, make sure that you arrived in the restaurant as soon as possible and grab as many food as you can. Or else you're going to be left out and die in hunger!


Plus China people won't even bother to line up to get their food. They will just cut que and take it like a boss. Besides that, they are quite loud and kinda dirty.

I'm not being rude or trying to defame them. I'm just stating the facts.
Even the Taiwanese don't really like China tourists there. (will tell further stories about China Men in my upcoming post)

However, throughout the entire journey, China man was everywhere in Taiwan.
No lengzai at all. Aih sad wei.
All old folks. Double the sadness!

After breakfast, we departed to Taipei at 7am.
It took roughly about an hour to reach in the capital city of Taiwan from Taoyuan - Chuto Plaza Hotel.

Look at their watermelons. Humongous to the max!

Taipei 101 tower spotted!

Our first activity was to visit stones and rocks - Yehliu
I don't really like to see rocks and stones lor.. But what can I do since that is part of the plan/activities.
No choice but to obey and follow and pretend that I enjoyed it very much. LOL. Okay I do enjoy it lah. Just that the weather is killing me. The smart me, wearing jacket there made it even worst.

You'll passed by this beautiful fishermen area before arriving in Yehliu.


The entrance fee cost NT$ 50 per person.
It's quite cheap. Roughly RM5+ after conversion.

The only stone that I think it is worth posing with and posting it in my blog. The other rocks/stones is not worth my time. HAHAHA!

Okay I lied. The true reason for not posting others were because we looked super shitty in it.
The wind was so strong that it made my hair looks like 'perempuan gila' (crazy girl) in every shots.

The view is lovely! The weather was super hot but the wind was so breezy! The smell of the sea was not that strong either.

The boy with his annoying red flashing bag <3

We spend roughly about 1 and a half hours in Yehliu.
Around 10am we departed to our next destination which was - Jiu Fen.
Shall blog about that in my next post.

Here's a guide for you to get to Yehliu.

The wordings are not that clear.
So for further information, click the link below.

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