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13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mummy.
She's the best mother in the world for me.
She's always there when I was sick and whenever I needed her, she'll be by my side without fail.
She's very kind and patient.

Words can't describe how much I love her.
I may not show it or express it to her that often, but deep down inside me, I love her very very much.
You're the best mom ever in the whole wide world.
Love you mi :)

That day, we went to watch Dark Shadows acted by Johnny Depp.
His is seriously one hell of a superb actor.
The movie was so funny that i laughed throughout the entire movie.
I love the part where he was having a so called 'sexual intercourse' with the witch.
That part super funny to the max.
Both of them were so rough in it.
Plus his expression was one of a kind. Damn cute and funny and also horny at the same time.

So for those who haven't watch it. Make sure you do or else you're going to regret!

After movie we headed to Burger King.

Since it was Mother's Day, I'm supposed to have dinner with my family that night.
So we decided to eat in Jonker.
My mum has 5 kids that night including 3 new kids - Mark, Nicole and Amirul.

See how nice it was.
3 new kids celebrating Mother's Day with my mum.

Amirul was far beyond happy since he got FREE FOOD again.

 Us waiting for our food to arrive

There's this uncle in Jonker who can play quite well with his Violin.
It is sad to see old people still working instead of staying at home relaxing.

So nice of him for letting us to take a picture with his violin.

14 May 2012

Besides selling cakes, Nadeje is also selling varieties of food.
From Western to Japanese food. You name it.

I wanted to try their food because form the menu, it looks pretty convincing.
And I was right! Their food does taste quite good.
The price is also quite affordable.

Pink Guava Yakult @ RM 5.50

Ebi Curry Fettuccine @ RM 9.80
The amount was very little though.
The boy wasn't full at all.

 Smoke Salmon Olio @ RM 10.80
Tiny portion too

My Teppan Katsu Set @ RM 11.80
*slurps* I love the chicken mixed with egg.
super sedap!

I am so going to go there for dinner again next time :)
Love the environment and also the food.

 I would love to have this cute Cupipi as my birthday present :(
It's only RM110. Anyone willing to buy that for me?

Unfortunately, both Nicole and Mark wasn't happy with their amount of food.
They both complained HUNGRY!
Ended up, we had a second round in Limbongan.

I've got no idea what's gotten into me that night.
I wasn't hungry at all but then when Nicole ordered 8 sticks of satay, indirectly I told the man that I want 8 sticks as well.

Damn regret!

I was having a difficult time in order to finish them up.

 5 sticks mutton / 3 sticks beef

Finally we went to the money changer to change into New Taiwan Dollar currency.
We trade RM 1100 for TWD 10000.

Which means every RM11 equals to TWD 100.
I was expecting it to be RM10 = TWD 100

The current currency exchange shows that right now RM1 is equivalent to TWD 9.50

Unfortunately I can't get such price. Oh well, I bet the money changer company would want to earn as well.
Okay can't blame them for it.

Hopefully that is more than enough for our shopping.

And yes, for those who have no idea about it, I am going to Taiwan this coming Thursday :)

Excited for my behalf?
Yes I am excited for myself too!

15 May 2012

It's a girls day out :)
Went to Johnny's Restaurant with Vicky and Nicole.
I had a bad impression previously towards this restaurant due to their Steamboat.
It has been almost 2 years since I last stepped into this restaurant.

I wanted to go for McD but both of them complained that they don't want to eat fast food.
It leaves me with no choice but to suggest Johnny instead.

Fortunately, their Ala Carte was quite good.
Vicky and I ordered their Stir Fried with Prawn and chicken with Chili.
I love it :)
It's not that spicy but at the same time it was quite sweet.
I love it because they cooked it with mushrooms in it.
Yum Yum!

Stir Fried with Prawn and chicken with Chili @ RM 6.90

Black Pepper Beef @ RM 6.90

The price is quite affordable since it is a restaurant.

All in all I still prefer 'Kedai Belakang' when it comes to local food.
It is not only tasty but cheap too.

Bought few more stuffs for my trip.
Sigh. Travelling seriously cost a lot.
I'm going to be officially broke once I got back from Taiwan

Done packing for my 8 Days and 7 Nights trip to Taiwan.

PS: Happy Birthday Baby Boy. Love you so much :)

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