Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Party Animal - Mixx

11 May 2012

Had dinner in one of the Arabian shop nearby MMU.
A change of taste for that particular day.

Kebab ayam. 3 for RM 12

I was so happy to see PAPAYA MILK in the menu.
Yes I know. I am so suaku/sampat (silly). That's because, it was my first time noticing such drink in a shop.
I've wanted to try it so badly since few months back because Ying Le told me that drinking papaya juice can enlarge the boobs size.


But you need to drink it everyday to have better and faster results.
Hmmm well, that's the problem you see. I hate papaya!
You expect me to drink that everyday? I rather have small boobs la like that T_________T

Amazingly, the taste doesn't turned out to be as bad as I expected. It actually does taste quite good leh.
Means, there are still some hope for me. hahaha!

Don't know what the hell is this and it is so fattening and sweet. The boy loves it so much. But all of us said that the taste wasn't that good.
Too cheesy plus very sweet. Not for my liking.

Amirul whose job is to steal any wifi connection that he could find all around MMU.
That's the reason why there's a laptop in the picture even when we were eating in the Arabian shop.
Socialize la Izzat! Apa ni main check check facebook lak? Tak cool la camtu dow! lol.

Later at night, that's where the real party started.
I was having some hard time in deciding what to wear since I've got no new party dresses :(
So I've decided to wear this glittering black long sleeve dress instead.
That was my second time wearing it only.

LOL. My eyes looks extra sepet in this few shots.
#I'm sexy and I know it.
So just shadup and stop laughing at my eyes bitch!

Once we arrived, the place was not that happening yet. It was about 11pm but the place wasn't full yet.
So to be honest I was quite bored at first.
Thank God after 30 minutes, the place was filled with people and everyone started to get crazy and we went to the dance floor and started dancing.

Thanks to Yuki and Lynette who got the guts to dance at the dance floor even when it was empty.
hehehe salute!

I was quite sad with the boy's camera because we don't know how to set the settings for nightclubs mode.
Hence the picture taken with his camera totally gone case.

Here's a picture of me with Miss Jesslyn. We bumped in Mixx that night.
And just look at the photo. This was after I edited it to make it darker. Still can't see our face properly.

And here's how the picture is like without any editing.
Even worst!

Hence I threw his camera aside.
Thank God Jr brought her baby Lumix and we camwhored with her camera instead.
Below are shots taken/stolen from Jr.

The group photo.

 Pinko and I

Lynette and I

Jr and Pinko

I love Jr's tutu skirt. So cute!!

I should have taken more pictures with them before I left.
I was the only one who left earlier because of the Cinderella's curse :(

Overall I had a great fun with them.
There were quite a number of good looking guys that night.
It's either due to the lighting or maybe they are good looking after all.
As for the girls, of course you can always spot hot chicks almost everywhere nowadays.
Thanks to the wonderful creation of MAKE UP by the so called creature - human being.

12 May 2012

Wanted to try this Chat Point Cafe which unfortunately it was closed.
Carynn and I were supposed to meet up at this cafe for some chit chatting.
We arrived around four plus and that place only opens at 5pm.

Sad for us. It left us with no other choice but to settle down in Big Mouth Cafe which was located right beside Chat Point only.

The reason why we met up was actually to pass our goods. She bought a tribal dress through online while we were busy blog shopping the other day.

While I asked her to buy me the bangle stand in Jonker.

 Me and my bangle stand :)

 Carynn with her Tribal/Aztec Maxi Dress


We chatted happily about jobs, shoppings, studying life, holiday plans and much more.
I enjoy myself being born as a female. (Ignore the menstrual cramps that we face every month and also the suffering of delivering baby) I think I do love being female.

What's the point of being male when you got erection every single morning when you're awake from bed? (unless they 'mati pucuk')
Damn horny like what ah!
See! Like I said. Men Logic. It always have to do with sexual desire. tsk!

The reason why we wanted to try Chat Point Cafe was because the interior seems so classy.
I am so going to go there next time!
We should MUST go there babe. Our next hang out point.

Wore my cute mini polka dots jump suit that day.
Oh boy! Damn troublesome too pee in such a clothes.

Had a second round of lepaking session with the boy and Nicole in Shack Cafe for dinner.

 My Butter Fish with fried egg @ RM 7.90

Their Butter Chicken  @ RM6.90

Lately right after the exam was over, all of us really do enjoy eating like there's no tomorrow.
After Shack, we went for some shopping and then we went to Nadeje for some light snacks.


I've been craving for Nadeje cakes for quite some time already.
Mark said the cake was not that nice for his taste bud.
As for me it was not that bad after all.
Honestly, that day was my second time trying out their cakes.
Previously I only tried their Original and Green Tea flavor.
This time, i opted for the Chocolate layer cake and oh my god!
It was good!

The price is slightly more expensive than Secret Recipe's cake though.

Went back home happily with a bloated tummy.
Felt guilty once I got back home for eating that much :(

So here's my new baby!


Thanks babe for helping me to purchase it :)
Love you!

Managed to buy a Listerine and some wet tissues for my upcoming vacation trip!
So excited for it!

Shall update again soon.
Good night.

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