Sunday, March 1, 2015


Oh hey. It's the first day of March!

A brand new month but the same old me.
Nothing much has changed except the fact that I'm growing older day by day.
Getting wiser each day too? Maybe. Not.


 Someone got herself a new selfie digicam.

Hanging out as often as we can before she leaves Melaka.

By the way, I celebrated my Valentine with friends this year.

Chiew and Goh.

 The 'single' ladies.

 Sushi Zanmai for lunch.


I'm hurting baby, I'm broken down
I need your loving, loving
I need it now
When I'm without you
I'm something weak
You got me begging, begging
I'm on my knees
I don't wanna be needing your love
I just wanna be deep in your love
And it's killing me when you're away
Ooh baby, cause I really don't care where you are
I just wanna be there where you are
And I gotta get one little taste

How sad. Nobody gave us flowers :( 
Left us with no choice but to camwhore with plastic ones.

 #throwback awesome food feasting

 English Breakfast at La Bodega.
Love the sausages. Taste damn good.


Wishing everyone a prosperous Chinese New Year.

Income from red packet wasn't that good for me :(
What about you guys?

Prayers on NYE for my ancestors.
Food feasting ceremony for the dead.

Silver papers (money for the dead) burning ceremony.

 Once prayers were done, it was food hunting and shopping time!

 The cousin wanted to have mille crepe to satisfy her food lust.

 RM9.90 per slice.



A simple family reunion dinner on CNYE back in Kampung.

 Day One CNY - Family Potrait

The more reason why I want an instax mini so badly.
Since my birthday is in 2 months time, therefore for those who wants to get me a present, please buy me instax.

Girls and camera :-

Me with my cute chubby cheeks. 

 Attempting to get a candid ootd shot.
Unfortunately the flip flop spoiled the entire photo.

Yumcha session at night with buddies. 

 Day 2

My little bao bei in pink tutu skirt. 

 Open House.

Hong Pao!
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