Monday, April 25, 2011

Trip to Bintulu Sarawak (Day Two)

The next day I woke up around 7.30am and started cleaning myself up, having my shower and then packed all my stuffs into my bag. Around 8.30am we headed to the Cafeteria for breakfast before checking out from the hotel and departed to Gua Niah.

Had pan cake, hot dog, bacon, fish fillets, toasted bread, milk, fresh orange, nasi lemak, dim sum and some fruits for dessert.

OMG I was super bloated that day. hahahaha.
The food was great :)

After breakfast we went back into our respective rooms to do some packing again.
Waited for the rest at the lounge about 10am.
They were still taking their sweet time in the rooms.

I'm wearing my Grand Royale 2011 jersey. Wooohooo. Nice jersey from a nice society :P
Most of them were jealous coz my society produces such a nice and good quality shirt. hahaha.

Before departing, we had a group photo :)

Bye bye Everly Resort ;(

Hello Gua Niah.

We took 2 cabs to Gua Niah. From Everly to Gua Niah, it took roughly about 2 hours and each cab cost RM150. *gulps*

Stopped by for peeing LOL.

If I were to stay/live in this thing above. I swear I will die.

Just some random shots along the way to Gua Niah. The whole trip itself was pretty boring cause there's nothing much for me to see except for trees, palm oils, factories and more tress again. Gaharu lol.

Finally we arrived to our destination. Phewwww!!

LOL muka cacat ter-maximum o_______________o

Hahaha they have their own version of story towards the picture.
First the couples just got married, then they lived in Lubang Bulan (pregnant)
After that having baby, then everyday argue cause husband never work, no money to support family. Hence Lubang Hangus. After few years, the same lifestyle and both got fed up with each other and then only left Lubang Tulang. hahahaha wtf!!!

The place where we lived. It's quite pretty la from the outside. But once we reached our Chalet. I changed my mind O___________________O

There's 2 rooms and this is the girls room.

The door which leads to the haunted looking bathroom. I did not take any pictures of it cause it really looks like those bathroom where you used to see in horror/thriller movies where people get kill inside O___O

Fuck my life. I can't imagine how the fuck I survived that night. I have to shower there, pee, wash face, brush teeth in that effing bathroom. Gosh!
Plus there's no heater. Early morning have to bathe cold water. Almost died okay!

Just look at the curtains also make you no mood to overnight there la. hahahaha :P
However, it was a great experience la :)

The kitchen also looks pretty spooky to me. hahahaha

The clever me did not bring any sport shoes and I wore my flats only. Thank God Victoria brought an extra socks. So I borrowed her socks.

Hahahaha the color is such a contrast. Super cute right?

I swear to God if I didn't wear the socks, I'll get blisters all over my feet. Even with the socks my feet still hurts so badly. Imagine walking about 7km far with such shoes and also in a slippery condition and worst still was that there were millions of steps (stairs) to get to Gua Niah. Oh god. Memang can die.

Anyway, don't you just love the picture above? hahahaha :P

Preparing to walk off. Our journey began at that very moment.

I was so sex-cited  excited to know that we will have the opportunity to travel by boat.

However the happiness of riding a boat does not last long when something stupid happened =.=

Yes!! Can you see how short the distance is from one place to the other side? WTF? I thought we will have a 30minutes ride or something. Who knows it doesn't even last a minute. Stupid idiot!
To add up my boiling mad blood was that it cost RM1 per person for one way ride. Basically it cost RM2 for back and forth. Bloody asshole. Con people's money only.

Made me excited for no apparent reason. Cish!
I was really disappointed lor.

My not-so-excited-face-but-pretend-to-look-excited-face. wtf!

Such a boring post. Nothing better else to see except for trees and mosquitoes o_____o
WTF? Walk so far until almost die only 1km arr? Siao or what?

A very cute and interesting insect. Very nice right?
Okay my camera blur O______O
Wait. Let me try and find a better quality of it.

Okay don't have better quality. All sucks. lol

Had a 5 minutes break before continuing with our journey.
Damn! Look at those striking lovely mad chio red socks. FTW!

Finally reached about 2km. hahahaha babiness. penat giler wei.

From here onwards, all stairs. Climbed up and down up and down up and down until I almost faint. Seriously I swear. I almost fainted. I did not lie T____________________T

Well prepared to enter the cave which was full with bat shits everywhere and also the smell of it can make you faint.

Gosh look at the socks again :P

Eh I damn cute in the picture above lol.

This was us after we came out from the URINE CAVE o_________________________o
Well actually I entered halfway only then I was traumatized and I decided to just sit on the bench instead of following them into the mysterious dark smelly cave. Don't blame me. Blame the low blood problem I'm facing. LOL!

We departed from our Chalet around 12pm+ and we reached Gua Niah around 2pm+
So when we were on our way back, Kuldip and I started walking first. I walked for 3km+ without stopping at all. It took me about 45minutes to reach back. Gosh seriously damn tiring okay.

The rest were still far way behind. While waiting for them I'm having my snack. hehehe Super long never eat this thing already. Bought them in Bintulu's market. hehehe

Used to eat those when I was a little girl.

On our way back to the Chalet. Need to ride the stupid boat again =.=
This time not excited at all. Felt cheated got la.

Sticky and tiring look with smelly hair. Ewww

The pricing for the boat service. Ish!

Once we got back, I had my shower and I was having migraine. haha orang yang tak pernah exercise la katakan.

In Borneo, it gets dark earlier. It was only around 7pm but it looks like as if at 9pm. We went for dinner at 7pm+ and right after dinner I went back to my room and slept. Slept from 8.30pm until 7.40am the next day.

LOL! Feeling fresh and kicking the next day.

Till then. Wait for my Day 3 post okay peeps :)


Ash said...

LOL must be nice to see a lot of bat guano. XD sure is a nice experience.

Andrew Law said...

Epic post ruby.... many favorite photo here... hahahah....ehem ehem bring back good memories.....

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