Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For once let's just forget about the price tag

It's all about me me me me me me~
And it's not about you you you you you~

I'm hungry. I need some food.

I found chipsmore :D

Waiting for daddy to open it for me

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom~

Ewww I hate my cereals. Get that thing outta my face damn it.
Please let me eat my cookie in peace will ya!

See... I am 100 times happier without my cereals :D

OMG I didn't know eating this cookie is tiring. I only got 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 below. 
Very hard to bite :(
I think milk is my best friend after all.
But i love junk food though.
I'm a notty baby.

Ughh who is this annoying bitch! 
Kept carrying me when I don't want her to. Gosh!

So then Ruby got emo coz being called a bitch by her boyfie :(
Sad can die sob sob sob.

So she decided to go Jusco with her cousins and also the boyfie's parents and left him all alone at home. HMPHH!!!!! ambik kau. Who asked you don't want me carry you. muahahahahah!!!

Bought some stuffs and also food!!! The reason why I gained 2kg T_________________________T
FML to the max.

Went back after spending several hours there. Broke already. So it was a wise move to head back home lol.

I'm all clean and I changed into my new baby shirt. 
See I'm cuter now right.
Ohhh I love junk food. This thing in my hand was so delicious. It's very oily and unhealthy but
I'm loving it so much.

All these people can't stop from carrying me.
This is quite irritating and annoying.
I know la I cute. Haiyo!

Oh damn~
Not this girl again.

hahahaha basically that's what happened on Saturday.
Nothing much except for shopping, food and baby.

Will blog about Sunday where we went to the Columbarium to pray my grandparents.
The place was freaking packed man. I thought 'shao mu' a.k.a cleaning graveyard day supposed to be like 2 weeks ago? But still it was super packed last Sunday. Just that we don't have to clean anything here la. hahahaha. All we have to do was to pray and burn silver papers and stuffs.

Oh well. Shall continue that part later.
For now, I have to continue reading my Land Law or else I'm gonna get screw in the interview room later for not being able to answer the question.

Till then. Toodles peeps.

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