Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vietnam - Singapore (Gardens by the Bay, MBS, Bugis Street, ION Orchard)

Day 5 - (7th July 2012)

7th of July was our final day in Vietnam.
The students went for one last shopping spree in the market/shopping mall before heading off to the Airport.

And of course, they took lots of pictures in the Hotel and the Airport.

With 2 of our lovely tour guides

I miss both of you :)
Thanks for taking us around Vietnam.
Thanks for your time, your hard work and also your effort in making it possible.


Meanwhile at the Airport.......

With our duck faces! LOL

We had Burger King for lunch.
Their coke taste like coke mixed with mineral water -___-
Not sweet enough!
Why you no put 9 spoons of sugar?
Now I know why most Vietnamese are so slim.
Less sugar intake kot?

So that's the end of my grandmother story trip to Vietnam.

Arrived Singapore in the evening and it was hectic!
Carrying one bloody long screen projector -_________- with 2 luggages all by myself in the Airport was epic!
I kept hitting people while pushing the trolley.
Damn memalukan okay!
Was glad that it was over now.

Arrived at my aunt's home safe and sound.

And I would like to welcome another new family member of mine.
Meet little Justin.
Brother of baby Haydenz. Now baby Haydenz is no longer a baby. He's a big brother now.
Justin is just too adorable and rascal like his big brother.
Kept crying when I approached him.
Even when I had an eye contact with him, he would cry.
Walao...... Broke my heart.

But after couple of hours, I managed to camwhored with him :D

Little Mohawk baby ;)

It was a good timing for me to be there on that particular day too.
That's because it was my uncle's birthday!

Family Potrait

A picture with little Haydenz. But all he cared was just the cake.
Greedy little boy :D

He was extra cute that day.
We asked him whose birthday was it and he replied 'My birthday'.
Then all of us shook his hand wishing him Happy Birthday.
The look of his face showed that he was proud of it.
He is so cute and ignorant!

Owh and he actually blew the candles before the real birthday man blown it.

Ended my day with a piece of mud pie cake and a glass of red wine.


The following day, I've decided to visit Gardens by the Bay with my cousins and also with Reuben and Kai Hong.
That place was newly built and opened to public.
I didn't expect it to be an open-aired area. I thought it would be a place with air-conditioner all around.
Seems that I was wrong.

It was a lovely place though.
Just that it was so freaking huge and I was such a lazybum to actually explore the entire area.
So we ended up covering about 1/15 of the area only.
The sun was killing me. I was sweating profusely okay :(
Can't blame me for being lazy under such weather.

After stinking myself with sweat, I told everyone that we should just head to the shopping mall instead where we can chill ourselves with a cup of Starbucks frap. So we headed to Marina Bay Sands Mall which was quite near from Gardens by the Bay.

Took us only about 10 minutes walk.

We spotted this famous ice cream man while walking halfway through.
Apa lagi?

Yam and Durian flavored ice creams!
1 SGD per cup :)

I was hoping for a bread instead of waffle biscuit.
Too bad the man had waffle biscuit only :(

Marina Bay Sands Mall was totally out of my league.
Branded stuffs everywhere :(
I can only afford to wash my eyes. haha.
I was quite devastated for the fact that they don't have Starbucks franchise there.
OMG how could this be possible? Or was it me who failed to spot it in the first place cause of my tiny eyes?

Ended up we settled down in McD for their version of frappe.
I had Caramel Banana Frappe while the cousins had Choco Banana Frappe.
It taste so bananalicious!

We entered Victoria Secrets outlet and I fell in love with most of their perfumes.
So sad that there's no VS outlets in Malaysia yet :(

PS: Do they have VS outlet in Johor Premium Outlet??

Dinner time!

My Sukiyaki Beef Set @ 6.50 SGD

After dinner we bid farewell to Reuben and Kai Hong.
And then met up with another friend of mine - Nick.
He was someone I knew due to the Law Night event back in 2011 :)

Camwhoring while waiting for him.

If you noticed, there's a guy behind of us in the picture.
Guess what? He was actually a friend of Nick too.
And he was waiting for Nick as well.
It was so hilarious because my cousins and I were saying that he photo-bombed our picture as a stranger.
Turned out to be he's not a stranger but a new friend of ours.

Life is full with surprises. When you least expected them.

With Nick


The very next day, Sharon and I went to Queen Street bus station to get my bus ticket back to Melaka for the following day.

22 SGD = RM 55
T______________T so bloody expensive

After that we went to Takashimaya Food Fest.

We had Taiwan most popular Shihlin Fried Chicken.
The size was super large. As big as our heads!

5.50 SGD per piece.
Super expensive after converted T_T
In Malaysia also about RM6 only.

And KOI is a must drink for me when I'm in Singapore :D

Exhausted after some light shopping in Bugis Street

My retarded pose LOL!

We also visited Far East Plaza Mall.
Place to shop for Perfumes! Their perfumes are far way cheaper compared to Malaysia even after conversion.
Perfume Paradise!!

We also stopped by ION Orchard.

Love the statement.

3 types of currencies :D

Bought some shirts, a perfume for the boy and a watch for my mum.

Missing Singapore :(


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