Monday, August 20, 2012


Celebrated the babe's Birthday for the second time.
It was just the two of us only.
Romantic moment for two.

Had lunch in Sushi King and the Birthday girl
treated me. Aiyoo shy lor. I'm supposed to be
the one treating her but vice versa.
Anyway thanks a lot babe *hearts*

How I wish your birthday is everyday.
Hence can get free food all the time.

 Birthday girl in floral dress

After lunch, we were rushing to the bus station
because the babe was heading back Subang
right after our date.

It was freaking jam.
Normally it only takes about 5 minutes from
AEON to Melaka Central. But that day, it took us
roughly about 15 to 20 minutes.

Thank God she arrived 3 minutes earlier before the bus
departed. hahahaha!

Right after that, I went to watch Total Recall all by myself.
Supposed to buy the 4.35pm movie but the dude
printed out the 2.10pm movie instead.
The poor Lucas and Xin Yi couldn't make it on time
and they only managed to watch the movie
for 30 minutes.

I felt guilty for them.
I blamed the guy for his mistakes.
Plus I couldn't refund it or exchange it.

I love the movie.
Especially their technology.
Super advance :)

I just hope that we won't be having such
technology in the future or live in such
world next time.

Right after that movie, we watched another movie.
Back to back!
Watched The Bourne Legacy at 5pm.

Well for this movie, it lasted about 2 hours.
And the first one hour, God knows what the movie
was talking about. We don't understand
a shit at all.

I don't really like the movie.

Dinner in Wok Sifu.

And Yum cha in A&W
Had root beer with float.
My old time favorite!

After that, we had another round of
yum cha session at Kedai Kopi Sunday.

Most of us were bloated with liquids!

Hang out until middle of the night.
Had a very productive Friday!

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