Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Taiwan

I'm back!
Had been M.I.A from this blog
for a week.

I went to the Dental Care few days back.
I hate to visit the dentist.
But I was forced to :(

Did scaling and I was suffering 
for that whole 15 minutes T__T

The dentist said I had gums infection.
I brushed my teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day leh!
How come got gums infection de?
I even scratched my tongue twice a day.
Blooooody hell. 


I have to visit the dentist again in a week.
How not to broke?

 RM85 for 15minutes service.

Sad thing is that, I need to waste another
85 bucks again next week.

Damn you gums!


Visited Little Taiwan for the second time.
Had dinner there with Lucas, Mei Liang and Wilson.

Looks like a place to do
your 'big business' right?
ze ancient toilet bowl

Went to watch The Dinosaur Project
after dinner.

The movie totally spoiled my eyesight.
No further comment.


Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon.

Therefore, you'll see mooncakes
in every shopping malls by now.

I love to see the packaging.
They packed them in lovely boxes
to attract customers.

It would be perfect as a gift
to your family or loved ones.

I wanted the Haagen-Dazs
mooncake so badly.
Unfortunately they don't have it
in Melaka T___T


Bought some accessories online.

Bangles and Necklaces 

I've been searching for this
Claw Bangle for quite sometime already.

I saw a number of fashion bloggers
who owned it.
Especially those girls who posted 
their fashion looks in

So happy to get my hands on it.

This is how the bangle looks like.
It's a claw.

You can find it in ASOS.

For more pictures,
click the link below.
The web below sells the bangle in a bulk.

Mine was in Bronze color.

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