Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sales - Savee Beauty

Raya is just around the corner.
Hence it wouldn't be a surprise that there
are sales almost every single malls.

Girls and ladies out there, take this
chance to shop like mad!
Spend money like there's no tomorrow.
It's not a sin. You don't have to feel guilty.
Trust me. Well at least you won't feel guilty
while shopping. Those feelings will only haunt
you once you arrived home or after you paid for the goods :D

Anyway, that's that.
It was a lovely Thursday where I chilled with my

The girls decided to meet up for lunch.

Poor Miss Jess who wasn't feeling well.
I wish you a speedy recovery.

And the caring girl who bought us some herbal ginseng
when she heard that Jess was feeling under the weather.
So thoughtful of you :)
I'm so happy to have such a caring friend!!

I super love her Iphone casing T_T
So cute ler.
Sigh... Having an Iphone is like having a
barbie doll you know?
You can dress it up all the time.

And of course waste even more money.
hehehe... girls/women money are so easy to be earned.
Just sell us something cute or nice.
Event though it's not important.

I'm proud to be one :P

 Our lunch

 Jess only had an hour break.
So after lunch she had to continue working.

Carynn and I went to GSC to watch 

*MELTS x10000 times*
All my favorite actors are in the movie.
Sylvester Stallone is of course my most favorite
one. Though he's aging in the movie BUT he is so macho.
Even a baby will go head over heels on him lor!
Owh and also not to forget Jason Statham!
Would love to get a boyfriend like him.
I love his british accent.


Savee Beauty is having a sales right now.
A Singaporean brand.
As you can see from the picture below, they are selling
facial mask at RM2 per piece only!
They are also selling various colors of eye shadow at the price of RM2 as well. They have lip balms, eye liner,
 and lots of other choices but of course different
prices lah :)

Facial Masks for RM10 ONLY!!!

Sat in Share Tea for a drink.
I had Vanilla Milk Tea and it tastes exactly
like the one I used to drink in KOI.
OMG!! Lovin' it.


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