Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Comfort Zone

It was a day out with my Mongolian friend.
My one and only Mongolian friend.
According to him, the population of Mongolians are only about 3 million plus back in Mongolia.

Wow that is a super tiny population.

We had dinner in Korean House Restaurant.
It was my first time there :)

The owner of the restaurant is actually a pure korean.
He sounds so cute with his accent when he spoke English.
We asked him whether he serves dumpling but he can't understand us. And he kept repeating the word 'dumpling' and trying so hard to digest the meaning of it.

haha! super cute.

The price is quite similar with Daorae BBQ Korean Restaurant.
And of course both of these restaurants are non-halal.

After dinner, we went to Movida for a drink.
Just to bring him around town and explore the lonely night of Melaka.

I was so glad that the roads were super empty.
Thanks to the fasting month ^^
And most probably because it was during weekdays.

Vanilla Shake


Went for a solo shopping the other day.
Wanted to get a few pairs of formal clothes for work.
Shopping alone is actually quite fun 
and I am enjoying it :)

I don't mind shopping alone.
And I even watched movies in cinema ALONE!
Just that I can't eat without any accompany. 
It feels so lonely and like super sad lor. 

I'm going to post my shameless 'syok sendiri' pictures
even if you hate to look at it.

There's more pictures but I shall stop now.
Couldn't resist myself to camwhore that day.
Had a very good hair day.

Met up with JR for dinner :)

After dinner, I continued with my shopping spree alone.
Managed to get only a concealer from Elianto.
They are having 50% and I was lucky enough to pruchase
it at a 50% less :D

I super love sales!

For the past 4 weeks, I've been sleeping super late.
Hence it is natural to feel hungry every late night.
Supper is the only way to show love towards my baby tummy.

I tried this 3 minutes instant porridge.
Well it taste quite good.

Only cost about RM1.60 a cup if I'm not mistaken.
With only RM1.60, I can have a happy night watching drama/anime without starving to death :D

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