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Taiwan - Hualien (Taroko National Park)

Day 6 - (22 May 2012)

Our breakfast starts at 6.30am every single day.
It's quite a pain in the ass for me to wake up at 5am throughout the entire journey.
Day 6 breakfast was quite special in a sense that I have to cook/soak my own mee/noodles (just like those vendors who cook for you when you ordered mee).

It's quite nice to play with that thing you know.
hehehe :)

 So this was my self-cooked noodles soup.

I'm not a good eater. I do love food but I can't consume a lot of food at a time.
Jaga badan lah katakan :P

Once we were done with our breakfast, our next stop was heading to Hualien.
It took us 4 hours ride from Taidong Hot Spring Hotel.

We departed around 7am plus.
The journey to Hualien from Taidong was beautiful because it was along the seaside (in between of Pacific Ocean and East China Sea).

And yes, my trip to Taiwan basically covers the entire Taiwan Map!
I'm proud to say that I've travel the whole Taiwan. *big wide smile*

Here are some pictures taken along the way.

 Pretty graveyards for the Christians 

Greenery and beach is a superb combination for a great holiday.
I feel so blissed to be able to experience it.

We stopped in this tiny yet unique restaurant along the way to Hualien.
Had our lunch at 11.30am in this restaurant.
I have no freaking idea what's the name called as it was written in Chinese.

The Restaurant

Cute little welcoming Pooh.

Their decorations were also very very unique and interesting.
There are more pictures of it, but I'm too lazy to upload all of them.

Lovely paintings on the wall 

Our lunch was also very unique, taste fantastically delicious and also the decorations on the food was jaw dropping. It made the food looks so lovely and cute too!

Lunch of the day *hearts*


We continued our journey to Hualien and our first stop was at a place that sells Ling Zhi (super expensive high class mushroom whereby only the rich can afford to buy it. lol) As for me, I can only afford to look at it. hahahaha!

Saw the mushroom in the picture above?
Yeap that's what we called Ling Zhi in chinese.

They were explaining the benefits and characteristics of Ling Zhi.
How to differentiate the original/high quality Ling Zhi with the 'ciplak' Ling Zhi sold in Malaysia.
Can you see the 2 green packets which the man (our tour guide) is holding in the picture above?
Big box cost RM2000++ while small box cost RM1300.
Okay this place is so not my kind of place!
I felt so lost in here.

The sales lady are trying to convince me to buy the small box but I just smile and said it's okay.
*ehem* Do I look as if I'm a daughter to Lim Goh Tong?

After awhile, we left the place and headed to Taroko National Park.
There's no entrance fee but you need to do your booking.
I have no idea how but just click this link and read it yourself :)

Stopped by for awhile to take some photos at the entrance.

Continued our journey by bus further into the National Park.

 Super massively huge rocks!

Need to collect our safety helmets before proceeding our journey to Swallow Grotto Trail.
We need to wear the safety helmets because there were several occasions whereby tourist got injured previously. Rocks fell out of nowhere which caused them severe injuries. Hence the government implement a new rule that all tourists/visitors must get their safety helmets.
It's free too! Unless you accidentally lost the helmet, of course you'll have to pay for it lah.

 Place to collect our safety helmets :)

My Safety Helmet!

The rocks are so gigantic!

 First time ever seeing him doing a decent peace pose. lol

The road cave not taken - Taroko National Park version.
hahahaha! I know that I'm damn lame. 

Actually for those who have no idea what the heck is The Road Not Taken, it was actually a poem written by Robert Frost and it was one of the poems that I studied during my secondary school time.

 Love this picture so much

HAHAHA! Their English totally gone case! 

After 20 minutes walk, we stopped by for a drink.
The scenery was really awesome!
The drinks were totally over priced and AWESOME too!
They only have Recommendation Mountain spring coffee which was enclosed with one pastry.
What's the use of having a menu when that was the only drink that was available?
Bait advertisement.

Plus that was the most expensive drink ever. NT$ 150 = RM 16.20

The coffee taste like normal coffee that you can easily order from any 'mamak stalls' which only cost you about RM1 plus. Plus the dumpling/bak chang doesn't taste nice at all. Nyonya chang is always THE BEST!

Can't believe I've wasted my money just like that T___T

 This place is so romantic and very peaceful. I miss Taiwan now :(

Arrived our Hotel at about 5.30pm and the Hotel was so awesome!
It's a five star hotel - Parkview Hotel.
It was one of our best hotel and the second most expensive for the entire trip.
The most expensive hotel I had was on the last day itself.
I felt so pampered like a princess :)

 Our room keys :)

The view from our room - level 10th 

Our Superior Family Room with 2 king size beds 

The bathroom

Harnn & Thann bath and skin care products

Took our refreshing shower and headed down to The Garden Court Western Restaurant for our buffet dinner.
They have plenty of delicious food, cakes, ice creams, and so much more.
Loving my life there to the max.
I would love to be pampered like that everyday.

The restaurant :)

Our Buffet Dinner

I was so excited about the dinner that I have forgotten to take pictures of the food served on the buffet table.
Here are pictures of our own food only.
I should have taken picture of the buffet table because they were so pretty! Especially the sweet tooth section which was filled with pretty pastries.

Sweet Escape!

Everything was so delicious. I would love to eat more but my little tummy couldn't afford for second round.
So that's the only thing we had for dinner.
I was very satisfied and I felt like I'm one of the luckiest girl in the entire world.
hahaha! Well at least for that day only.

After dinner, we went for some shopping.
There's a small gift shop inside of the Hotel where we can get all our souvenirs there.
We spent about 30 minutes there, browsing through what items to buy.
Finally I bought few magnets, key chains and postcards.
They are so lovely and cute!

After that we headed to their Cyber Cafe which was also located inside of the Hotel.
I had been dying for internet connection.
Even their Cyber Cafe was as cute as hell!
Yorr! Why is everything so cute there?
I want to stay there forever can?

The Cyber Cafe - Gam-ma Island

These pc are only meant for online games. Can't surf the net here.

Keyboard with chinese words on it :)
I feel so HOME-D

Only 2 computers are available for internet surfing.

After checking our facebook and emails, we called it a day.

So here's the link for the hotel.

There are 3 types of room selection.
1) Superior
2) Deluxe
3) Suite

Mine was the Superior Family room.

And under the superior room selection, there are another 3 selections to choose from.
1) Superior King - only with one king size/double bed
2) Superior Twin - 2 single beds
3) Superior Family - 2 king size beds

Here's the price list for the rooms.

For :-

1) Superior King - only with one king size/double bed (RM620+ a night after conversion)
2) Superior Twin - 2 single beds (RM620+ a night after conversion)
3) Superior Family - 2 king size beds (RM770+ a night after conversion)

Basically our room cost about rm700+ a night.

I would never ever think of staying at such a hotel if you ask me to travel by myself.
Who the fuck wants to spend so much for a night in a hotel unless you're a filthy millionaire.
By joining a tour agency, I am proud to say that it worth every single penny that I paid for.

Like I said, this was not the most expensive hotel I've stayed in Taiwan.
Wait for the next post :)

Till then.

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