Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here's a post that is not related to Taiwan.

1) Went to Jewel of the Park (Indian Cuisine Restaurant) with the boy for lunch as he was craving for it.


2) Hang out with my lovely twins :)

 My favorite author during childhood - Enid Blyton

We spend quite sometime in the bookstore flipping through the novels and at the same time busy camwhoring until we've been caught by on of the staffs there who told us that we are not allowed to take pictures. Tehhhee!


So we went out and continue with our shameless shots outside.

Okay I should stop posting our syok sendiri photos or else you people are going to abandon my blog and quit from being my loyal readers T_______T

Had a snacks party that night!
Awww I miss you girls while blogging this right now :(
Hope to see you girls in few weeks time *hearts*


3) Had Shihlin crispy XXL chicken for dinner. Can't beat the one I had in Taiwan - Shihlin Night Market. That is by far the best one! Of course la the best, that is where Shihlin's chicken came from duh!

We smuggled Chatime into the cinema while watching Men In Black 3.
Please kids, don't do this at home.

This movie is so so funny. Too bad I never watch MIB 1 and 2 before. The movie is a little bit related to the older ones.

Overall I love the movie. Those who haven't watch it, you should go.


4) Went to Rock n' Roll with Mark and Mirul for dinner. Unfortunately no pictures taken coz none of us brought our cameras :(


5) Had dinner in Sushi King and headed to the cinema to catch this movie called:

This movie is so funny too!!
It's about pregnancy and babies!!
As you can see, the movie was acted by some of the well known actress such as JLO and Cameron Diaz

If you're bored to death. Then this movie might entertain you for an hour or so.
Then some of you might think twice whether getting pregnant is a good thing or not.

Just saying.


6) Had Happy Meal for dinner. Got myself a barbie doll toys from the Happy Meal Set.
I'm so happy :)

After dinner, we finally tried this new bubble milk tea franchise called the 'BLACKBALL'
The very first time I heard of the name, both Mark and I were laughing at it.
Like seriously? Black ball? O_________________O
Okay maybe the reason we laughed was because our minds were literally corrupted with all this dirty words.
We got a very dirty and negative mindset especially when it comes to such wording.

If you understand what I'm saying.
*clears throat*

They used this similar device like the one being used in Snowflakes.
Too bad pictures taken for that day was still in the boy's camera and I haven't get the chance to take it from him. Hence no pictures from here on wards.

Their drinks taste very very special. It does not taste like any of the other franchises.
I ordered Fresh Milk with Jelly Grass @ RM5.90
Mark had Brown Sugar Jelly @ RM 5.90 as well.

Both of the drinks do taste unique. I love my drink. I'm going to visit them more often. Drink more and give myself a higher chance of getting diabetes. LOL! Gila punya kerja. Thanks to stupid Mark who always drink sweet stuffs. Now I am being influenced by him. If my legs kena potong, you jaga siap!

It was Thursday that day which means new movie being released!
Snow White and the Huntsman!
The movie was seriously damn good! It is 10 times better than Mirror Mirror.

I love Charlize Theron - the evil mean queen.
She is so pretty in this movie.

Or else you will regret!

Watched 3 movies in a week. This proves that we got nothing better else to do.


7) Wanted to watch movie again on Friday. Unfortunately there's no other good movies that worth watching.
So we spend the whole day loitering around town. Ate in Pizza Hut, then continue with our yumcha session in Starbucks at 5pm as they were having their 50% promotion. Although I was super full, but I forced myself to buy the drink. hahaha tamak nak mampos! Just because it was on promotion, how can you let such golden opportunity slipped right in front of your eyes right? Gila or what?

Both of us were bored at that time. Suddenly, I came up with a stupid-brilliant idea. I told Mark 'Jom let's go Karaoke'

As you all know, both of us HATE karaoke so damn much.
But since we were bored and were of unsound mind, so we agreed to it.
Being the smart me, I told him let's go to GoGo Ktv which was located by the Jetty as it is by far the cheapest in town area as I could recalled (because most of my friends are all hantu karaoke).

So we drove all the way there. Somehow God does not want us to sing as it will cause another Tsunami.
The price for the smallest room was RM58. For my grandmothers sake! why the fuck so bloody expensive lah?

So we left the counter with a mixed feelings.
Happy coz we don't have to sing but sad coz we don't know what to do.
Somehow we managed to find something else to entertain us - POOL.
Yeap we played 3 rounds of table pool.
Had so much fun with him.


8) It was a lovely Saturday. It will be lovely only if I don't have to help the boy transferring his stuffs and cleaning his new house.
There goes my lovely Saturday. Not lovely at all.
We were stuck in jam from Klebang to Melaka Raya for almost an hour.
Yorrr! The road was filled with cars from Johor and Wilayah Persekutuan plate numbers.

And to make things worst, lots of accidents and also car breakdowns in between. My God!
Apa nak jadi?
Out of all days, you choose to breakdown on the day where the King is celebrating his birthday.
So sueh lor! I feel pity for those people.
Most importantly I pity myself more. Because of you, it was one of the reasons that contributed towards the jam.

Not one car that broke down. 4 bloody cars broke down at the same location which was by the melaka 'highway bridge' from Bei Zhan to Mahkota Parade. Speechless beyond words. It was supposed to be about 5 minutes drive but turned out to be more than half an hour.

This is why I choose not to work in KL for my chambering or else I'll be crazy lor.

Once we arrived to his new place, the cleaning chores started.
I was given the task to clean his refrigerator. Ya allah! The refrigerator boleh mati I tell you!
So damn smelly, dirty, and dirty! I should have taken a picture of how dirty it was.
I took almost an hour just to clean the whole bloody refrigerator.
Thanks to all the washing, my hands got wrinkled and my beautiful nail colors (ehem) were damaged!!

After all the cleaning, my clever papa asked us to have dinner with him in Jonker. So we have to face another jam again. We took about 40 minutes to reach Jonker -______-
This really test my patience.

After dinner, we headed back to his house to continue cleaning. AGAIN!
Another 40 minutes!

After all the cleaning, he sent me back home.
AGAIN! Jam T______________T

1 hour drive again.

Aiyoyo! Boleh mati wei.

As I blog about this, I can feel the frustration that I had for that particular day..
Insaf aku! I am so going to stay at home every Saturday.
Don't ever ask me out on weekends.
I rather die out of boredom than dying in traffic jams.

PS: I'm going KL for a week <3
Going to visit the new Paradigm Mall in Kelana Jaya.

Till then.


Anonymous said...

Ya allah! The refrigerator boleh mati I tell you!

are u a muslim?

i advise u not using those word blindly. :)

Anonymous said...

Being so protective? :) What can possibly happen?

Just a random reader.

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