Thursday, June 14, 2012

Taiwan - Kaohsiung (Fo Guang Shan Temple)

Day 5 Part 1 - (21 May 2012) 

Breakfast for Day 5 was super healthy :)
Had some spaghetti, scrambled eggs, a bowl of koko crunch with milk, bread with butter, mantou (which means steamed bun in chinese) and a glass of fresh oranges.

Loving my life to the max.

After breakfast, we went back to pack our stuffs in order to check out from our beloved room.
Camwhored a little with the surrounding.
I wish to own this kind of house one day.

Off we go to Kaohsiung.
After an hour, we finally arrived Fo Guang Shan Temple.

The history of this Temple is very very long and I'm too lazy to talk about it.
Long story cut it short. Well as you know, this is a temple -_____-


I am a super bad blogger when it comes to attractions which involved Temples.
My knowledge towards it are so little.
Hence I'm just going to link you to wikipedia for more info.
At least I'm helping you to save your energy from clicking a new tab and typing in 'Fo Guang Shan Temple' in google search bar.

Here is the link. Save your time.

Faster say thank you!

This post will mainly consist of pictures with less descriptions.
I'm having a hard time cracking my brains on what to blog about it.
Seems like there's nothing much for me to type.

Just have fun looking at the cleanliness, how beautiful it is and how ginormous the Temple is.

The road not taken - Temple version

There are certain place where photo taking is prohibited.
Just be extra careful before taking pictures of the Buddha. Who knows they might hunt you down *muahahaha*
Just kidding.
But the no photo taking part was serious.

So cute botak head boy :D

Just take a look at their surroundings!
*fall in love*
Why so beautiful??
Lots of GREENS!

Unlike Melaka.
I still don't get it why they called Melaka as 'Melaka Negeri Bandar Teknologi Hijau'
Hijau my ass lah hijau!
So bloody hot like don't know what ahh!
Especially in MMU. Go chop off every bloody trees if possible.

Plus every where around Melaka is not as green as it was claimed to be.
Should just change to 'Melaka Negeri Bandar Teknologi Kepanasan'

Is it just Melaka that is hot or the entire Malaysia?
Owhh Putrajaya is even worst than Melaka.
Poor Amirul :P

EEEEEeeeee!! You looked just like that little monk leh!
Balding soon too!!

My trip is incomplete without a jump shot!

The back of my shirt was not some mere pattern okay. That was my perspiration wei.
Super hot! Imagine with all those trees I'm already this 'hot' *ehem*
What about a place without trees? Burn to death - Melaka.
I can never ever Ever EVER walk in Melaka without a walking air conditioner above me.
My skin will die under the UV rays.

Eh I love this picture of myself so much. The lightings so chio T__________T
It's all about the perfect timing baby!
The red striking umbrella at the back of my head a bit disturbing lah actually. But still a nice prop for me.
Don't I look good? *shameless self declare*

Okay I should stop before you people punch me in the face.

Now, still remembered about my previous blog post where I said that I will not listen to Mark's suggestion at all when it comes to buying food/snacks/drink?

This time it was about a special ice cream which the tour guide told us to buy when we arrived at the bottom of the Temple - the place where our bus were being parked.

This was the ice cream that he recommended us to buy.
According to him it was salty.
So I told Mark just to buy one so that we can share. Then I plan to get another chocolate ice cream for myself as I am not really convinced with the salty ice cream.

Then the stupid boy told me ' Ehhh omg they have many other flavors for this ice cream lah. Why don't you take one instead of taking the chocolate one?'

Big mistake. BIG MISTAKE!!!
I should have just ignore him. But no!
The dumb ass me fell into his trap easily.
His voice was so charming and convincing that I couldn't resist. hahahahaha!

Serve me right then.
Fuck my life!

I feel like crying every single time when I took a bite out of it.
Regret was the only thing I had in mind.
And of course vengeance as well. (towards the boy)

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