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WGC 2012

I've been living in KL for a week due to a job offered working as a staff support under the WGC 2012 organizers team. So what is WGC anyway? It is a World Gas Conference where Malaysia is the host for the very first time in Asia.

This is their 25th conference. It is held once in every 3 years. So Malaysia is the lucky one to be the host in 2012. The entire KL Convention halls were being booked for this event.

So, I've been assigned to start my work on tuesday to friday.
We (Mark and I) went up KL on Monday's afternoon right after we settled all of our graduation thingy in MMU. Pain in the ass. We had to walk from one place to another just to get the MMU's authorization to let us free from MMU.

By the time everything was settled, it was about 1pm.
Pfftftt! We managed to reach Pavilion somewhere around 4pm.

That whole day was a mess!

Once we arrived, first thing first - FOOD!

I don't want to eat something heavy because I had a dinner appointment with Danny and Nicole that night.
So we tried this Shihlin Chicken in Hot-Star.

 We had Sno. I really love this drink. It is way nicer than Starbucks.

 Danny the lawyer

 Us the future lawyer (as for now still lepaking time)

We had our dinner in Sushi Tei.
The food was not as expensive as I thought.
That's my first time there.

 Sukiyaki + Udon @ RM18.80 + 3.0

 Yakitori Don @ RM 12.8

  Hotate TamagoDon @ RM 18.80

 Gyu Yanagawa @ RM 12.0
You need to order a bowl of rice because this meal does not come along with one.

Yogurt Berry @ RM 7.0

I stayed over in Danny's place. Thanks Grace, Danny and Cindy for the accommodation. I owe you all one.

The very next day, I took the cab and LRT all the way to KL Convention ALL BY MYSELF!
I'm the buta jalan type of girl. Plus I'm not familiar with KL roads. This is my big achievement okay.
Mark is also proud of me.
Your baby has grown up :D

The job was tiring cause we had to stand whole day. However it is SO WORTH IT.
Because the WGC was filled with people from all over the world.
Imagine looking at all the tall and good looking guys from 40 over countries.
I love my job!
Besides that, they are very friendly too. They will smile at you and say hello too.
Unlike those Malaysian chinese -___________-
I've been standing there for 4 days and this was what I observed.
The Malaysian chinese are super arrogant. They won't even smile or look at you.
Hello? You think people that work there, standing in their casual tee as their uniform does not deserve your respect is it? You think their existence is just a mere rubbish is it? Fuck you then! You think you're so high class? Oh please, you're just one of the big boss underlings.

I super hate arrogant people.
Is it so hard to smile back when someone smiles at you? It's not like you'll die from smiling.

Anyway there are some chinese who do smiles back. Just that MAJORITY don't.
This kind of attitude need to be changed.

Putting that aside, Nicole and I had our lunch in NZ together with our another Mr. Lawyer - Jason Wee.

The funny and cute looking girlfriend of mine!

After looking at my friend's life, working in KL's Law Firm, it made me feel stress to start my work soon.
Hence I'm going to take a few months break before I started my chambering.
Super no life lor when you started working.

NZ is so cool mamak restaurant because they used this so called card to detect what you ate and the price of your food. Pro or what? Maybe I'm just too outdated.

The kind hearted Jason treated us for lunch.
Was it voluntarily or otherwise. Hmmm :P

Thanksssss Jason!

My Bakso

Guess what?
These girls are also a law undergraduates from Uitm.
Foundation girls!
I feel so old being around them :(


At least this girl here made me feel younger.
Bluek! :)

At the end of Day 1, we get some free cakes from the exhibitors :)
They are delicious!

I had Rotiboy for dinner!
That's right! What a sad sad and stingy life I had to lead in KL.

Went to bed very early due to tiresome.

The very next day, did the same routine again - stalking at hot looking 'ang moh' dudes.
*melts again*
Should I repeat myself again that I really love my job?

Right after job, went to KLCC to meet up with Ying-Le who came all the way up to KL for her job interview.
That night she stayed over with us in Danny's place.
Yeah! New member.

This time, I had another rotiboy and keropok lekor for dinner.
RM 3.0 in total only.
We have to learn how to be cheap at a time like this.

Thanks to Amirul for teaching me his skills - on how to be a cheapo.
Your trick does help me a lot you know Amirul? Thanks ye haiwan kesayangan ku. I laapp eeuuuu.

 I got a passport holder and some mints from Nicole. Thanks babe.

Besides that, Cindy just got back from Australia that day.
So the house was so happening.

 Gift from Cindy. Thanks babe *hearts*

Cindy bought lots of cookies and chocolates from Aussie.
This greedy Ying Le wanted to eat one of the chocolates.
Just look at her face down here.
Little girl!

 Taste damn nice!

Lucky Danny. Staying with 4 pretty girls. hahaha :P

Everyday same routine.
Same food for dinner - bread.
I'm slimming down (but that's not the case coz truth to be told, I actually gained 1kg after that. Dafuq? FML can!)

However on Thursday after job, we (Nicole, Danny, Cindy, Ying-Le, Grace and I) had our dinner in KLCC's food court.
I'll miss each and every one of you although we might not be that close during Uni life, but I'm glad that we were able to spend more time together and getting to know each other :)

Curry Mee @ RM6.90 only!
Very nice.

The very last day of job.

 I looked pervert in this photo. hah!

 One of the organizers. We are celebrating with a bottle of champagne!

With the guys :)

Here are some shots of how the WGC looks like.
People are not allowed to enter unless they pay for the entry fee.
The price for delegates (some sort like the high class people) was RM 10k per person.
While for the Trade Visitors (normal people) only RM30.

Friday was a pretty sad day because Nicole had to meet up with her friend right after work for a movie.
Cindy was still stuck in Melaka. Danny was still busy with work while Grace went straight back to her hometown after working hours.

Just the two of us lepaking around :(
Both of us were tired of walking so we settled down in Starbucks (except the fact that they have no vacant seats for us) -____-

Left us with no choice but to sit somewhere around there.

 You look so pretty in here :)

Free bag for me <3

Another gift found inside of the bag.

Gonna miss this tag and the 'Ask Me' badge coz no more hot foreigner 
is going to ask me how to get to the convention hall :(

Went back Melaka on Saturday.
Took the cab and lrt all the way to TBS.
Pffftt! I'm so proud of myself yet again. Ying-Le was proud of herself too.
We can now officially stay in KL on our own :D

 My brunch

Felt so good to be home :)
Miss my parents and my bed so much!
Going to spend my sweet time for this one week back home as I'll be leaving to Singapore next week.
Gonna be there for a week.

 Two is better than one :)

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