Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sweet Summer Cottage @ Jonker Street Melaka

Date: 29th December 2012
Location: Sweet Summer Cottage, Jonker Street Melaka.
Facebook fan page: Sweet Summer Cottage

This tiny little cottage reminds me of Lavender Cottage in Taiwan.
Miss that place so much.

Sweet Summer Cottage is located at Jonker Street Melaka. Just beside Geographer and opposite of Eleven Bistro.

You can buy their handmade soaps, attend their D.I.Y class, or even custom made your own soap for events such as Wedding Door Gifts, Birthday gifts, Just for fun gifts, Christmas Gifts, Valentines Gift and etc.

With Cik Maryam, my new partner in crime ;)

Wedding Door Gifts.
Super cute right.

Maryam and I had an hour D.I.Y class appointment with Sweet Summer Cottage
This is what you'll get when you put two crazy-outgoing girls together - exploring the fun around the world Melaka. (that's because we got nothing better else to do).

Meet our Instructor for the day. Miss Mint. Peppermint, Mint.

Putting on their cute little apron.

 The coloring and essence 

 Materials and tools

Crystal clear soap or white soap. You can choose either one you like.

Our assignment for the day - to create a Bear shaped soap and Afternoon tea-shaped soap.

Bear shaped mould

 This one is simple. All you need to do is to pick your favorite color and blend them together and pour it into the mould and waaallaaaa~ there you go.

The trickier one is the Afternoon tea-shaped soap.
It's actually a shaped of a drink.

 Doing the lemon

 Maryam's lemon

 Soap shaped ice cubes. Cuteeeeee!!!

And here's the outcome :)
More like a cocktail rather than an afternoon tea drink to me. hahaha

 The camera guy for the day. Thanks baby.

Our Bear shaped soap.

With Miss Mint.

By the way, according to her, most of the participants who joined the D.I.Y class are mainly kids who were accompanied by teachers.
Seems like we were the only adolescent who joined the class.
*kruu kruuu*
We are just cool like that yo!
Those who are interested in joining, please don't be shy or hesitate to contact them.
Click below for their official website.

Camwhoring with the lovely Ice Cream soap.

Had fun doing my D.I.Y soap.
Hopefully they will invite me if there's any cool and fun activities going on.

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