Friday, January 11, 2013

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

So here's what I basically did for the past 2 weeks.

Had a lunch date with Cik Siti at Hailam Kopitiam..

 We also celebrated one of our Boss birthday.
(additional fats collection for my slim body hahaha! *perasan je*)

Early dinner in Secret Recipe

And then we had a late dinner in Burger King.


Went to watch CZ12 together with the boyfie, KM and Nicole.
The movie was quite long but I love their technology and ideas on how to steal valuables from the rich.
I love their fighting scenes as well.
Extra love the korean actor. Didn't know that he can speak such a fluent English. Give him extra credit for that. Hot hot hot hot! 


Had asam laksa in Jonker for lunch.

Dinner in Ice Town. A new place located in Kota Laksamana.

 The ambiance is quite nice. I'll rate 3.5 out of 5

 I love this thing. Can't remember what's it called. It taste so damn good!

After dinner, we went for lepaking session and got stuck in jam for an hour.
Melaka is developing and I started to love Melaka even more. However, at the same time, developing states also means stuck in jam more often. Duh! I hate that.


New Year Eve mood is in the house yo!
I totally ran out of mood to do my work on that day.
But I managed to force myself to read a tiny topic for land law - Easement and Caveat for land matters.

The little pink devil. Matching headscarf and headband. lol

After work, the party mood is on baby!

Had our dinner in Rock & Roll. 
With the pretty babes.

Chong Pei, the sweet looking girl.

 Bunch of us :)
Credits to KM for taking the picture.

After dinner, it's time to disco!

 I find it hard to believe that the boyfie's camera can actually take such a nice shot in Mixx.

 The loving couple.

Okay these are the only pictures which I think are quite okay to be uploaded. The rest looks like a dead zombies with no eyes :P

No 2013 resolution from me. All i wished for is just the best of everything.
Be it health, wealth or happiness. I want all three of them. Yes I am greedy like that!

Unfortunately the very first month of 2013 turns out to be the opposite of my expectation.
I'm not only broke (thanks for all the travelling and expenses that I have to cover for the Courses that I have to attend in KL), but at the same time I'm sick as well.
How good is that?

Hopefully everything will goes well for me in the month of February.

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