Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Love-hate feelings for the Training Course

This is a hectic month for me.
Especially when we have to attend a special Training course during the weekends just to fulfill the requirements for being exempted from the CLP test.

Imagine 7 days a week without a break. Crazy or what?
But thanks to the Rally which took place on the 12th of January, our training course was being postponed. Pheewwww.... Although my hotel money considered as 'burnt' but still I'm glad that I can enjoy my weekends.

 The first week of the Training.
 Guess whose that?

 Breakfast supply from Presilia. Thank you so much Lady Boss!

 Boyfie looks so 'hensem' in here. But too bad the girl beside him wasn't me :(
*going to murder Ying-Le in my dreams tonight*

 She came all the way to Masjid Jamek just to meet up with all of us.
I know you miss me ;)

 Sahabat sehati sejiwa since Uni. Duduk tak pernah berpisah punya. lol

 Melissa and Kelly

 Gang-gang Malaya.
Kedai Mamak menjadi pilihan mereka semenjak zaman Universiti lagi.

 With Zefen. Still not growing any taller yet :P
(which means, she's still so cute despite getting older)
hehehehehe *hearts*

 My group.
We did our work for 5 minutes, talked for 15 minutes. Then continue with the work again for another 5 minutes, and talked again for the next 20 minutes. (Repeat x 20 times)
Gang sempoi nak mampos. lol

I still remembered that we talked so much and didn't even bother to finish the task given. But when the lecturer told us that whoever passed it up, they can have their lunch break immediately. My group dah la penuh dengan muka-muka lapar. After we heard such statement, all of us focused and started writing as fast as we can. hahahahahaha!

 Amoi-amoi sekalian.

On our way back from the course, JR die die wants to eat at Subway.
She and her forever Subway lol.

 This cookie taste so good! *melts*

Happy lah you!

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