Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pleadings class

Last weekend was Pleading class day.
It was good to meet up with old pals but sucks to be waking up early morning and listening to class during weekends.

But the class was quite helpful. It helps us to understand and draft better.
The speaker is quite good looking too :P

My group
(Steven, Yusri, Hana, Atika, Nabil, Azmiza, and Iman)

Lepaking session at night (all of us were tired and sleepy) but still nak lepak juga.
Muka-muka zombies.
Went NZ mamak shop for dinner.
I think that is by far one of the most cool Mamak shop I've visited.
Located opposite of Zouk only. hehehe.

 Group photo

 With my beloved pet sheep.

Jason with his forever funny stories and the life as a chambee.
Just when you think your life as a chambering student sucks, wait until you hear his stories and Amirul's.
Their lives are way shittier than yours :P
But in a way, it helps them to be stronger and able to face all the shits. Salute you guys!

Top from right: Haasyieff, KC, Amirul, Mark and Jason Wee
Bottom from right: Yusri, Danial, CK, Papa Bear Nizam and Syafiq Bro

 Haasyieff trying to act cute ke? 
Cute already la. Don't have to act cute. hehehe

 The couple

 Penang gang!

And all of us went back around 12.30am.
The following day, had a tough time waking up O_O

 Nice weather

 Shad, Lynette and Amirul

 With my ex boyfriend.
She curang and find another gf liao :(

 One last lecture before taking the exam.

I took the chance to camwhore with some old friends.
Miss them very much T___T

 With Zefen and Q

All the macho guys.

 Fikry and Zaidi

 Alec, Shao Hang, Foo and Liang Xuan

Photo with Miss Snow White.

 Look at her cool hair color. I thought it's purple but she said it's supposed to be red. lol

Public indecency.

 Love my lunch. The sambal taste so good!

 Zaidi, Fikry, David, Amirul, Mark and Zakwan

Luckily I still remember my friends name .___.

After exam, we headed to Subway for dinner.
Jia Rou forever with her Subway.
I bet we're going there again next weekend. lol

 Steven joined us for dinner. But he didn't eat with us, instead he take away for himself and his wife and said 'I'll teman my wife eat'

Wahhh!! Where to find such husband? T___T Why so romantic?
If Mark was in his position I bet he'll say 'Mampos sama tu Ruby, I makan dulu'

*draw circles at one corner and emo*

With the Mr.Tak.Romantic

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