Sunday, June 17, 2012

Taiwan - Taidong (Chihpen Hot Spring)

Day 5 Part 3 - (21 May 2012)

After travelling by bus for 4 hours. We finally arrived our destination.
It was 5.30pm at that time.

This Taidong area is well known for their Hot Spring.
Most of the Hotels around that area owns a Hot Spring just right beside or opposite of their Hotels.

Our Hotel for the day - Dong Tair Spa Hotel 

 Place where we had our SPA!!
Right opposite of the hotel only.

 Our room

Toilet! With own tub for you to do spa. I'm just too lazy to do it. 
The need to wait for the water to fill up the tub can die!

We were given about an hour worth of rest back in our hotel room before heading down to the restaurant for dinner.

I took a quick nap. Like 5 minutes? lol.
Then we spend time watching cartoon .____.
Cartoon that speaks chinese. hahahahaha!!
Romantic time okay!


After dinner, our tour guide brought us to the Hot Spring for a look.
So here's how the inside part looks like.

 The water temperature in here was the normal degree.

 We took our sweet time in this pool instead because the water is way hotter.

And then we did enter into another room to do our spa. The temperature was about 64 degrees.
Damn syok!

All these pictures were taken before we went 'swimming'.
After showing us around, our tour guide asked us to meet up at 9.30pm.
He disallowed us from soaking ourselves into the hot spring as we just had our dinner.
So we were given 2 hours of free and easy time.

Mark and I explored that little outskirt area.
There weren't many shops around.
Mostly, shops selling swimsuits.
I managed to get myself a pair of cute swimming suit.
Not a bikini of course!

Bought an ice cream but I don't like it :P

My kawaii swimming suit. 

You need this coupon in order to enter the Hot Spring.

We didn't bring our camera along as Mark was too afraid that it might be stolen or accidentally fell into the water and spoil.

Hence no picture of us. Thank God there's no picture of us also la. I bet it's going to be very hideous. hahahahahah!!

Watched Detective Conan before sleeping.
Can't understand a single shit anyway.

I'm not so sure for the pricing of this Hotel.
But I'm guessing that the one I had was RM230 a night.
Not so sure about this.

Here's a link if you're interested to stay over.

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