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Penang Day Three

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Day 3 was our last day in Penang.
Packed our stuffs and checked out from the Hotel at about 11.30am.
Rent a van to take us around.
6 hours of van service which cost RM240 for that day.

Had our breakfast somewhere around our Hotel area.

Lor Mee @ RM 3.50 (small bowl)

Lor Mai Kai

Big Pau

Mix Rice

Stopped by Penang Hill for some breathtaking view.

The cable ticket cost RM8 for two ways (obviously two ways) for Malaysian citizen. If you show them your student card it only cost RM4 each. The benefits of being a student.

Waiting for our turn to get into the Cable.

Thank God the speed of the cable was quite fast and it only takes us about 3 to 5 minutes to reach at the peak of the Hill.

You can actually see the entire George Town area from here if I'm not mistaken. You can even see part of Bukit Mertajam which was located right after the Penang Bridge at the other far end there.

We did not have the chance to go Bukit Mertajam area as we had limited time.
Hopefully I'll be able to visit Penang again for my second time.

haha photo spoiler Dah Yun!
Loves to appear almost at the very least unexpected photos.
More like a stalker.

That pink pink thingy was like a telescope. Need to pay RM1 just to use it. Scammer!

Two stupid guys trying to spoil my picture. But just look at how they run. Damn funny. I can't stop laughing. 

Since the first picture was ruined by the ugly beasts. So here's my second attempt.
And it turned out to be ................................


Ah girl~
Why you want to spoil ah jie's picture by showing your ass la?
This is unacceptable.

Just when you thought, that is the one and only picture with her butt in the way. You are wrong.
Look at the picture below.

OMG!!!!! *troll face*
How come she's inside again?
Plus no face also. All just backside.

Thank God there's no more pictures of her inside. If not I commit suicide.

Why is my hair so flat in here T.T

The place was very huge indeed.
It is possible to explore by foot but it will at least take us couple of hours.
The weather was so hot in the first place.

We decided to visit the Indian temple located above these stairs.

Look at those ass! Yeehhhaaaa!

Once I reached the top, I ran out of oxygen. 

 Going down is 100 times easier than going up.

Mark and I couldn't resist the weather and we are so not going to explore the whole place by walking around.
So we took a buggy to take us around. 
RM30 for 25mins ride.

House that worth few millions. looks creepy to me

The 198 years old Post box

After all those tiring journey, we settled down for a nice cold Ice Kacang.

Ice Kacang @ RM 3.50

After Penang Hill, our next destination was Kek Lok Si Temple. One of the biggest Temple in Penang if I'm not mistaken.

What did I tell you about the photo spoiler kiddo? -____________-

Varieties of wishing ribbons to be chosen from in order for you to hang them on the 'wishing tree'

Just look at the amount of wishes on it.
I love it so much. So colorful. Looks very pretty to me.

Like I said, the place was so big.
We have to take the Inclined Lift in order to reach at the peak of the Temple just to see the Bronze Kuan Yin Statue.

RM2 for one way and RM4 for both ways. We took one way only because our driver will meet us up once we got to the top.

I love the place so much. Especially the view. It looks just like in the Chinese Kung Fu Drama back in the olden days. hehehe.

The Super Huge Kuan Yin Statue

There's a few stalls located right below Kek Lok Si Temple.
It looks very very dirty but the food was damn awesome.
By far they have the BEST ASAM LAKSA EVER!!!!!

Asam Laksa @ RM 3

The bowl might look rather  messy and dirty but what they said about good food? Normally good food is serve in such manner. hahahaha

We tried all 3 MUST TRY varieties stated in the board.

 Mix all 3 types @ RM 12

Oh god. This is damn delicious as well. Too bad Mark and Nicole did not have the chance to try it since they were too lazy to follow us. Kononnya they don't feel hungry at all.
Aihh waste one golden opportunity.

However I was shocked to hear from Nicole's own mouth that she was full.


Red Bean Ice Kacang @ RM 2.5

Our final destination was P. Ramlee's House.

 It is a museum actually. We were not allowed to take pictures inside.

Wanted to visit the Snake Temple before heading off to the airport but sad to say it started to rain heavily around 5pm.

Oh well, it left us with no other choices but to wait in the airport earlier.

Had our dinner in the Airport.
The guys had McDeluxe. FAT!!!

hehe the poor tired face

Had this for my dinner

It's a pain in the ass waiting for departure. We sat there for 2 to 3 hours. Everyone looked so tired and exhausted. Mark killed his time by playing game. While the rest of us stares blankly. As for me, I was so busy viewing all the pictures taken. hehehe.

As for Nicole, she's thinking about what's going to happen to her right after the trip because we spend like mad. She was so worried that she couldn't afford to eat 5 times a day already due to financial crisis. HAHAHA!

That was a joke. She was suffering some stomach cramp that day. That's why face so emo.

Our flight got delayed and we departed a little bit late. Thanks to that, we couldn't get any bus ticket from LLCT. And also thanks to that, we have to spend another RM330 on transportation just to get us back to Melaka from LCCT.

I blame Air Asia!! If only they departed on time, we would have be able to catch the 9pm bus which was the one and only bus departing back to Melaka.

Overall I enjoyed very very much for my 3D 2N trip in Penang and I bet the rest enjoyed as much as I do too.

Once we got back, all of us will die starving. Heh.
Each of us spend at least RM700 and above just for the trip including the air flight and accommodation.
I'm not sure this is cheap or expensive. But all I can say that we spend most of our money on transportation itself only.

But this is way better than waiting for the public transport right? Because it will be time consuming and you'll be wasting most of your time waiting for the bus only. Even if you took the taxi, it might be even more expensive.

Unless you have some relatives or friends who are willing to take you around. Then of course that will be the cheapest method ever.

Finally I'm done with this Penang Trip post.

Till then :)

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