Friday, November 4, 2011

A little bit too old for Muet

Yesterday, the four of us (Mark, Lynette, Amirul and I) went to the Jabatan Pendidikan Melaka just to buy the MUET forms but unfortunately they changed the system into online registration. So that means my effort of waking up at 8.30am was useless. Should have slept longer T___________________T

Look at Amirul. Damn bersemangat to take the Muet test.
The kakak there very cute and funny. And Amirul is like a 'sakai' who gets so excited over a pass tag.

Ended up we need to follow the instructions above and buy a MEC Pin Number in a BSN Bank.
Then we did our registration online.

My RM100 gone for Muet registration. Aiyoo so expensive la.

It's been quite sometime since I last hang out with Lynette.

The Love birds

We did our registration in Old Town by using Leon's laptop.

Once we were done registering, Mark, Mirul and I drove to old Jusco for Sushi Bonanza but the line was quite long and so we decided to drive to new Jusco instead. Once we got there, the line was even worst!


Why everyone so greedy har?

In the end we went for Pizza Hut.
We tried the new Ultimate Cheesy 7
Ultimately fatness as well. haha

After eating those cheesy pizza, we went to weigh ourselves. wtf!
There's this cool machine located along J.Co where it can check your height, weight, pulse, weight of your bone, amount of water in your body, and they even suggest you what to eat. Damn cool right? All these for RM 1 only.

My BMI was perfect. They even suggested what should be my ideal weight. According to the suggestion, my ideal weight should be 53kg. HAHAHAHAHA!!! There's no way I am going to follow their ideal weight suggestion. With my current weight also I feel fat already T___T


Today's PP class was quite interesting. But I felt so sleepy during the entire class :(
After my 11am class, I wanted to try my luck again on feasting in Sushi King but looks like it was just not my luck. The line was quite long. Ended up having my lunch in Nandos.


I had the normal 1/4 Peri Chicken as usual. My brother tagged along for lunch with us today. Poor boy, he was having a slight fever and sore throat.

Hope you recover soon. Just don't spread the disease to me.

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