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Cambodia - Phnom Penh - (Gun Shooting Range / Naga World)

Hello peeps.
Let's rewind backwards to somewhere around middle of March.

In the midst of our hectic working life, we've managed to slot ourselves for a 5D4N trip in Cambodia.
A short getaway to release ourselves from all the tension and stress.

We choose Cambodia mainly because of the Angkor Wat - one of the nominated Seven Wonders of the World.

Instead of focusing only in Siam Reap, we've divided our trip to both states - Siam Reap and Phnom Penh.
Phnom Penh is the capital city meanwhile Angkor Wat is located in Siam Reap. There are more tourist in Siam Reap compared to Phnom Penh.

Our journey begins from Phnom Penh.
The flight from Malaysia LCCT to Phnom Penh's airport took roughly about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
The time difference was an hour earlier in Cambodia.

Take note that the country is using US Dollar for most of the transactions. Instead of changing into Cambodian Riel (their currency), it is better for you to use USD. 

The currency exchange as at March 2014 was about RM3.30 for a Dollar. Which is also equivalent to 4000 Cambodian Riel for a Dollar.

Welcome to Phnom Penh's airport.
Super empty!

Filling up our arrival/departure card.

The plate numbers are quite similar to Thailand.
Oh by the way, their language is somewhat the same as Thai.

Greeted by our personal tour guide.

Since we arrived super duper early, we were not able to check in our hotel.
So, we told our guide to take us to the gun shooting range in Phnom Penh.
The guys were anticipating for this and got all hyped up.
Guys -____-"

So we took a tuk tuk from our hotel to the nearest shooting range. Which was about 15km away.
The tuk tuk ride was 20USD for four of us (2 way ride).

We stopped by some random shop for some heavy breakfast.
The food there is damn expensive T_________T
I had normal fried rice for the price of $2.5

Poor kids trying to earn their living by selling you stuff on the streets. 
Yeah I know you can find these in KL as well.

I have no clue what is the name of the place of our shooting range.
All I know it was somewhere about few km away from the Airport.

Varieties of guns for you to choose.
Wanted to take a picture of the price list but the owner was so kedekut.
He told me 'no picture girl'.

Hello! I'm doing a free publicity for you all right!
It's your lost not mine. Hmmpph!

Here are some of the prices that I remembered.

AK47 - 50USD - (30 bullets)
Sniper - 30USD - (10 bullets)
Hand Grenade - 50USD - (1 round)
Rocket Launcher - 350USD - (1 round)

For more information, you can click on the links below.
They have the price list for each weapons.

Real bullets. 
I thought of smuggling them back to Malaysia to make them as souvenir. Tapi takut kena tangkap kat airport pula. lol.

Amirul with his AK47.
RM165 gone in 3 minutes.

Just look at his shooting. All around the place. 
30 bullets and only about 6 bullets that hit the target.
hahaahhahaha! Booo!

The boy with the sniper.

10 bullets and all clean! You got a hidden talent baby!
Not bad for a first timer. 

Us girls decided not to give it a try.
I rather spend my 100 bucks on shopping instead of this. Ughhh!

With our tuk tuk driver.

You'll be amazed at how they use to drag almost EVERYTHING by using their tiny tuk-tuk (motorcycles).
They can carry penduduk satu kampung in it. They can carry a washing machine. Heck! They can even carry a cultivator in their tuk-tuk. Dafuuuuqqq!!!

My very first impression of Cambodia was that, it looks exactly like Vietnam.
Lots of motorcycles compared to cars.

After all those dangerous activities, we headed back to our hotel for a short rest.
We stayed at one of the affordable hotels - Diamond Hotel.
Only 55USD per night for a Twin Superior Room.

The location of the hotel was quite strategic.
The Russian Market is located only a few minutes walk.
You need to visit the market!
Shopping paradise (without air condition).

Stuffs that worth buying are such as t-shirt, silk scarfs and DVDs! (Of course you need to start bargaining)
The pirated DVDs only cost 1USD per piece!
Malaysia jual pun dah RM5 sekeping.

Every seller has the same script to counter your statement.


Seller: Lady! Buy this. Cheap. Nice. Your price?
Me: Hmm... it's okay. I've bought it already.
Seller: No... not same. This one different.

And if you said it is the same.

Seller: Help me. My business today no good. Please buy from me. You help me please.

Or if you said you have no money.

Seller: Borrow from your friend.

What a smart way to counter your answers.
I was left speechless when they told me to take up a loan from my partner.

So if your shopping desire is not strong enough, you'll ended up buying the same thing over and over again, just that from different people or shop.

On our way to Naga World Casino.
Look look. See see.

The late Datuk Lim Goh Tong's casino *shocked*

Basically it's not a place for us.
None of us are gamblers.
Budak-budak baik belaka.

The view opposite the Naga World.

Buddhism is the dominant religion/teachings in Cambodia.

This restaurant attracts our attention.

Overload Pig Restaurant.

That's all for our first day.
More to come in my next entry.

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