Saturday, July 2, 2011

Universal Studio: Buckle Up Here We Go! Part 2


After Far Away Land, we went to The Lost World. We spend the most of our precious time in this Lost World. No wonder it is known as the Lost World. Well not because we were lost but we were stuck there due to the heavy rain. Cish!!!

The weather was good at first. But after an hour plus there, suddenly the sky turned out to be super dark.
Before the rain, we managed to watch a Live Water World performances. There were death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and thrills happening throughout the show.

And of course you'll get super wet if you sit in the first few front rows because the performers will take a bucket of water and the water gun to splashed on you. hahahaha.
We sat the most back row :)

The live water show.

I took a video of it but I am too lazy to upload it cause the file is too big.
Overall I enjoyed the show.

Then we went to ride Canopy Flyer.
Took us about more than half an hour of good long wait. Still endurable. Not the longest waiting period we had in Universal Studio.

That's the Canopy Flyer. hehehe quite fun la. But then the duration of the ride quite short. When I just started to feel shiok. Suddenly finish d. wtf?

Then we headed to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. The waiting period was 75minutes. So we waited for like an hour already. Who knows it started to rain heavily and they have to stop the ride in order for our safety. We waited there from 1.50pm up to 4pm. The time we rode the game, it was still drizzling.

Camwhore while waiting lor. All of us were too stingy to get a Ponco. It cost 2SGD ler!!!!
Expensive :P

And this game was meant to get wet one. So ended up all of us were soaking wet. hahahahahah!

After the long wait for the rain to subside, it made us hungry. So we settled down in one of the food court. We chose the food court because we expected the food to be the cheapest lor. All poor kids. After entering Universal, broke like mad. LOL. So need to eat cheap food.

All 4 of us ordered chicken rice. By far this is the most expensive chicken rice ever that I've tried in my entire life. 10.5 SGD per plate. That means RM25.20 after converting.

Then we headed to Ancient Egypt.
Rode the Treasure Hunters. A kiddish ride. It was basically a jeep where you can ride 4 person at once. Then you need to step on the pedal in order for your jeep to move. But actually you don't have to step on it la. It can move by itself one. You have one of this ride in Genting Outdoor Theme Park as well. hehehehe.

After that, we went for Revenge of the Mummy.

The game was located in between 2 of the mummy statue thingy. The place was super dark and cold. Damn chilly alright. Spooky as well.

It was a roller coaster ride but a little different from the normal roller coaster because instead of moving forward, they also moves backward. HAHAHAHAHA!

Damn mengejutkan because it was a total darkness inside and you couldn't expect or see the track. So I shouted like mad wei. Damn nice la.
heheheheeh :D

Next, we headed to Sci-Fi territory.

Yeap. The most exciting ride for the whole journey.
Roller Coaster!!!!!

Before that we rode on Accelerator. Cylon was our closing ceremony ride before we called it a day.
The ride was superb. I flew 360 degrees with my legs flying on air. Damn nice can!

Finally we went to Hollywood :D
It was about 7pm that time.

And then we visited Brown Derby store where they sell many types of hats and accessories :)
We camwhored like mad there.
You can just take the hats and camwhore there coz no one is going to stop you. hahaha

The trip was damn nice.
You guys seriously need to go there to feel the same way as i felt.

See Im soaking wet. This was still due to the game previously mentioned above.

I love this candy land :D

I has a smiley face :)

Gosh I'm in love with the M&M's. They have various types of colors where you could't find them in the typical/ordinary M&M's in the super market.

Conclusion: I love my trip :)

Ps: I tried my very best to cut short my post and also put lesser pictures. Will post the rest of the pictures in facebook whenever I'm free :D

Till then :)

Wait for my Day 4 to 7 post in Singapore.

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