Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over and over again

Pictures from the Conveyancing talk in Muar last Friday morning.
Nothing much to talk about that except for pictures.
Just enjoy the photo okay.

Overall it was quite fun la. Despite the fact that we had midterm exam at night.
Dah la I haven't finished studying. hahaha...

Once we reached back Melaka, it was raining like cats and dogs.
Seriously what a nice weather to sleep :(
Instead of sleeping, I have to study. *sigh*
But before studying, went to Sushi King for lunch.

The paper was quite okay I guessed.


Saturday was supposed to be stay-at-home-day-and-do-revision.
But turned out to partying at night in Movida despite the fact that I have another paper on Monday.

It was a very last minute decision made by me.
I was pretty reluctant to join them at first.
But when I was doing my revision, there's this devil whispering right beside my ears telling me that I'm going to miss out all the fun.
Plus whatever I read that night couldn't get into my brains no matter how many times i repeated the same line over and over again. Madness!

So we ordered 3 Chivas that night.
And I believed about another 3 buckets of Carlsberg.
Hmmm crazy much?
Yes indeed.

Basically they spend about 1k that night on drinks.

Now everyone is broke like mad :)

So that was how we released our exam stress.
It was fun though.
Sad to say I left quite early that night.
Stanley called me as Cinderella because every time by 12am I need to go home already.

Now all I need to do is just to leave my glass slipper so that my handsome prince will come and find me and then we will live happily every after :D

Anyway, that night, Movida was filled with hot sexy chicks.
But of course all covered in thick heavy make ups la. hehehe
But still!!! Temporarily HOT!
Me like *thumbs up*


Stayed at home the whole day studying on Sunday.
and the paper on Monday was so-so and I think I screwed up one of the questions.
Oh well.

Just pray for the best. At least I know I tried very hard. No regrets. hahaha

Then right after paper, we went to Papa John for lunch.
That was my first time trying Papa John.
Not bad. Quite nice.

I am so gonna miss you all after this final year.

In fact I am missing each and every one of you right now.
I miss the way we joke around.
Teasing one another with stupid + insulting + disgusting jokes.
The hentai faces of you guys whenever you saw girls/aunty/ladies passing by.
No hope la you all.
I'm gonna miss all of you.

By the way, after considering on this Maybelline Gel Liner, I finally bought it this afternoon. The price is one of the reason why it took me quite some time to consider.

The reason why I don't really use eye liner is not because of the leceh-ness BUT
It's because I'm having a mono lid. So there's no big difference whether I used it or not cause ended up, when I opened my eyes, the eye liner also cannot see la -_______-

But after looking at several youtube videos by this Korean lady who also has the same eyes like mine (mono lid. means without double eye lid) showed us how she did her make up for the eye liner. So I'm gonna try that next time :)

If it's a success then I can have bigger sexier eyes too!!!

Okay that's all for today.

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