Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Broga Hill

Date: 26 January 2013
Venue: Broga Hill, Semenyih Selangor

Lately I've been joining quite a number of extreme games/activities.
Despite knowing that I had hypotension 'disease', I joined the trip (all because of Fikry).
He was the main culprit who managed to make my life miserable by dragging me to Broga.

Our meeting point was at the Malacca Bar around 1am.
We departed at about 1.30am with a total of 25 people in 6 cars.

In between the journey, we stopped by Seremban's R&R for a short break and some refreshment.
But I had a heavy meal instead of a light snack and that was around 2.30am
How to be slim lah? T________T

 Fried rice with fried egg, sambal and beef rendang @ RM7.50
The fried rice taste so damn good! OR maybe every food actually taste extra good especially 
when you consume it after midnight? Hmmm......

 With Shoba (the organizer), David and Josephine

 Jessie, Malacca Bar Chairlady - Miss Karen and her lovely daughter.

Participants - I will follow you!

After 45 minutes break, we continued our journey to Semenyih and we arrived our destination around 4am.
The area was surrounded by Oil Palm Trees which is quite creepy.
The place was totally pitch black.
It send shivers down my spine. Plus all I could think of was my one and only comfortable bed back at home.
And how great it would be to be sleeping at this hour instead of climbing some random Hill.

Everyone was getting ready and well prepared to conquer the 1.7km Hill.
I bet you are laughing your ass right now for reading the figure of ONE dot SEVEN
Come on... it's only 1.7km and how hard could that possibly be right?
It was hell hard okay! I kid you not. I would never ever lie to my readers!
After waking for 15 minutes, I've already felt like dying. The wind was so chilly and it seems like as if it was going to rain. Thank God it doesn't rain or else it's going to make the trip even hell a lot tougher.

By the time we reached to the top (well not exactly the highest peak because most of us had a punctured tyre) it was around 5.15am.

The view was magnificent! Especially when you can see the entire town filled with lights (i know you can see this at the top of Menara KLCC without having to torture yourself for climbing the hill). But the feeling was different. You will have a mix feelings of being a dead zombie and at the same time a satisfaction.

Everyone took several tremendous amount of photos while waiting for the sun to rise.

 Just look at the view! WOW!

Half dead. Felt like fainting at that point of time.

I kept telling the boy that this would be my first and the last time.
And I don't think I could make it to the top as I was panting like mad while climbing all the way up.

I was too tired to the extend that I can actually sleep soundly on the hard ground.
Imagine that!
The ground was super hard and painful but still I managed to sleep for an hour.
The weather up hill was freaking cold.

The sleeping beauty Ruby :D
And that stupid fikry's smelly sock is right beside me!
Grrrr!!! Nak mampos ye Fik? lol.

While I was having my good sleep, another group of lawyers and chambering students went further up to the peak of the Hill.
Banyak semangat dan tenaga betul la diorang ni!

The Super Group

We've waited for 2 hours and to our dismay, the sun was blocked by some heavy clouds, hence no sun rise for us :(

Shame on you Mr Sunshine! You have let us down.

Set the wrong ISO

Mr. Mus and Fikry

 With my signature back jump shot pose :D


Love this picture so much. Credits to Leong's photography.

After spending almost 3 hours at the top of the Hill, we decided to go down for breakfast.
Going down is not as easy as you think it is.
It was way more challenging compared to hiking up.
I actually fell and landed so hard that it hurts my ass so much.
Plus I accidentally hit my hand on a piece of bloody big rock while falling down.

It took us another 1 hour to reach back down.

Luckily my injury wasn't that serious.

 Boyfriend treated me Ice Cream bread to stop me from crying like a baby. hahaha!

 O__O You can forget about Gunung Tok Wan. Don't even think about it!

Getting ready to visit Mr Musthafa's family restaurant for BRUNCH!

Mr. Mus is not any ordinary lawyer okay.
He is also super good in cooking.

Mee Goreng extra extra special cooked by Mr Mus.

 The faces of all hungry ghost :D

 Treat was all on him. Thank you so much Mr Musthafa :D
The food all damn sedap!

That's the end of Broga.

Here are some tips for you on what you should and shouldn't DO/BRING/WEAR

1. Wear something comfortable
2. Wear the proper shoes for hiking
3. Bring sufficient water bottle in case you die due to dehydration because there's no shops up there at all.
4. Bring along a torch light.
5. Bring safety kit for emergency purposes.
6. Bring a raincoat and a sweater/jacket
7. Make sure to pee before climbing up because there's no toilet to be found except to climb all the way up to the peak of the hill (there's a toilet up there)
8. Do not eat like a pig before climbing up.
9. Last but not least MUST BRING CAMERA!

I think basically that's all.



Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The name Pomme actually derived from a French word for apple.
It is also known by it's famous name Candy Apple or Toffee Apple.

These are a common treat at autumn festivals in Western Culture in the Northern Hemisphere when it falls on the annual apple harvest season.

These are how the Candy Apples look like.
So tempting right? I know.

The apples are basically been coated with a layer of melted red cinnamon candy or by a mixture of coating consist of sugar, corn syrup, water, cinnamon and red food coloring. As for the current generations, some tend to use melted caramel instead.

If you are from Melaka, and you feel like eating that cute 'creature', faster drive to Dataran Pahlawan!
Pommes are having a way more varieties and choices to choose from.
Plus it looks a lot cuter compared to the traditional red Candy Apple.

 You can find their apples in Ska Ring Chocolate Fountain.

I love their packaging. Looks classy and suitable for door gifts to your guests for any occasions.
They said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away my dear friend :)

Especially when the apple is so cute. Even your kids would want to eat them everyday.

I bought Rainbow Apple (left) @ RM6.90 and Crunchy Oreo (right) @ RM7.90


 Had crunchy oreo and I love it so much!
*in love*

 This is how it looks like after being cut.

Some other pictures taken from Pommes facebook.

For more pictures, do visit their Facebook page.

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