Saturday, March 27, 2010

Black Night

Yesterday was the day where i actually attended a formal dinner and trying to make myself up. Before this i wouldn't even bother to set my hair or put some make up on, even when i attend my relatives wedding dinner/party. I will just put a jeans and a top on and off we go. hahaha see how lazy i was.

However yesterday was a little different. I was influenced by Nicole very very hard. She asked me must do hair and must make up and must wear this and match with this and that. Wahh seriously if only you were there. You can see this girl telling you from head to toe what to wear and how to match things up with your dress. hahaha
A good fashion consultant i must say :)

Class finished at 12pm. Right after class we (nicole and I) went to Ixora food court for lunch. Then we lepak at her place from 12.40pm to 2.30pm. In between we looked for hair styles in the Internet to see which style matches with our dresses that night.

That's me hiding behind my cute hello kitty towel. hahahaha. Had a shower there before heading out to the saloon. Cause once we are done with our hairs, for sure we won't have the time to bathe. Plus it will only destroy our lovely hair.

In the afternoon about 2.40pm we departed to the Saloon to set our hair. Reached there exactly at 3pm and they started doing our hairs. It took about an hour for both our hairs to be done.

That's my hair style for the night. It was pretty short at 1st. And i felt quite sad but thank god the lady said that after few hours, the curls will eventually loosen up and my hair will look much longer :D:D:D phewww.

I love my hair from the back view but not the front view. I was too foolish to agree with the stylist idea of pinning my fringe up T_____T
The whole night i got quite upset due to the fact that i looked FAT/chubby on the face on most of my pictures. WUWUWUWUWU!!!!! I couldn't hide the fatness with my fringe T_______T due to the fact that i got no freaking fringe that night.
The law night hates me :(

This is also one of the reasons why i don't have much picture that night *sigh*
Most of the pictures contained in my digicam consist of Nicole's camwhoring picture o.O
tsk tsk tsk.... she molested my camera T________T

We started our makeup session from 5pm up to about 7pm.
OMG CRAZY or what? Seriously never in my entire life spend this much time on make up lor. Crazy!! The most also i took about 5-10 minutes O_O

The hardest part of all was the eyes. Yorrr i think i took about an hour+ just for the eyes and it turned out to be quite weird also (well that's what i think la).
Anyway, it was my first time ever doing the 'complete' make up on my own. So i think it's quite a good achievement la hor even though i took about 2 hours to complete everything *take shoes slap self* hahahahaha

Camwhore after we were done with 2 hours of hell-ish session.

Rushed to the said place at 7.10pm. Nicole is really damn slow i tell you. She kept asking whether she took everything already or not for like more than 5 times. I kept bugging her and said 'faster la faster la... late d la'

By the time we reached it was 7.40pm and it was supposed to start at 7pm according to the TIME on the ticket LAH. But as usual, you know la this is MALAYSIA. Our time is not accurate one.

Camwhore a little with my 'date'

Then kena 'halau' from kai choy like anak kambing to move upstairs (the ballroom).
Therefore here are some photo's taken while waiting for the guests of honor to arrive.

Our table number

The table number shows that I'm gonna be 21 years old soon T_______________T ohh no!!!
Can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact can't accept the fact

The event started rather late. I only remembered the time we can finally started feasting. That was at 9pm -________-
My stomach masuk angin liao lor... By the way, the host for the night was Douglas Lim (a comedian and also an actor from Kopitiam) and not to forget our beloved Amirul Izzat who was acting as the emcee for like less than 5 minutes :) and for that hard work, he got a free ticket for the night. Awww it's nice to be an emcee right? :P especially when there's free food. hahahahahaha gurau je PAK. bisa marah dong!

Once Douglas Lim announced that we can start taking food, everyone rushed to the buffet. Thank God our table was right beside the food T________T therefore we were the 1st person to start eating :P

No pictures taken while eating. Seriously i have no freaking idea why i don't have the mood to camwhore that night :(
*low self-esteem alert*

We only continued taking pictures after we were done eating. Here are the pictures taken after everyone had satisfied their tummy.

Yea la, my date so handsome kan? Kalau potong rambut botak, surely lagi handsome[r]

Hasif wearing Air Force shoes so that he can deceive his height for a couple of centimeters tall. But don't worry, u looked cute so don't be sad about your height. Height is not a problem. However i still prefer a taller guy la :P hahahahahaha
By the way, even after i wore like 5cm tall heels, u still looked taller than me in this picture okay! So don't complain about your heights again, or I'm so gonna feed your mouth with my heels :)

LOL i have no idea why i looked quite sad in the picture taken above. Low self esteem syndrome struck me at that moment i guess.

As for the performances. Hmmm it's not that good i must say. Most of the performers consist of MMU students due to the fact of insufficient sponsorship. Well, let's just not talk about that. However i do think that the slide shows were quite boring coz i don't understand or knew anyone that they mentioned that night. Only the seniors enjoyed it i assumed, since it was specially dedicated to them since they are going to graduate soon. As for the legal idol, errrrr i think it's quite boring too O.O except for the 2nd and 5th performers. Owh and the lucky draws were so damn little. That's quite sad honestly. Hmm and there's no estranged/pop shuvit or any other popular local bands :(

But we got Lazy Morning band, MADE FROM MMU punya :)

However we do have one band which nobody really know about their existence. They came all the way down from KL. Their band is called Decimal (not sure of the spelling). Their performances was SUPERB and i love it.

After sitting for 3 hours, the event has come to an end at 12am sharp! This is the time where we had the chance to take a picture with the celebrities.

This is the Decimal band which i mentioned just now. The guy beside me, his voice is like Da-bomb! Plus he's very cute too. The other 2 guys are quite good looking as well. Same goes to the girl. She's cute :)

And here's a picture together with Douglas Lim, our comedian for the night and also our host. Owhh... and below here is Douglas Lim's comedian gang together with Amirul.

Left guy: Your mama is so FAT ah!!

Right guy: YA MEH????

This fella (alvin) is also one of the performers that night. He plays the drum. So you can call him the drummer :)

Rishi sengaja merosakkan our THE ONE AND ONLY full length shot. BABINES!!!!

Last but not least, final shot with my date. haha overall he did a quite good job as my date that night for offering me his big fat blazer :P
hahahaha so sweet of you. I very shy now......

However don't forget I still have to pay for my own ticket -____- so he is not a good date after all. Go die la you mark! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Here's what i got from the goodie bag

Every bag contains 3 conditioner, a coupon of RM10 in the futsal arena (don't know where), Buy 1 Free 1 meal at Windmill restaurant coupon, RM100 voucher at Kelly mediaspa, a packet of keropok -___- and a packet of TOP brand soap for washing clothes (hahaha wtf??), 6 packets of energy drinks and a toothpaste. Ok i think that's all. Owh and also Mahkota Medical Centre booklet together with a FREE COPY of Life View planning style catalog o.O which is totally in CHINESE!!!

So basically, yeah that's all for the contents of the goodie bag. hahaha i bet you are wondering how the hell i got lots of conditioners right? I stole them from Mark's goodie bag. According to him, he never uses this CHEAP brand one. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

So me being the cheap date, decided to sapu all lor :) and plus i never even use a conditioner on my hair. I think i should start learning how to use them since i got lots of supply right now. Can last me for about 2-3 years hor? HAHAHAHAHA

Oh well, for my conclusion i think that the event was still alright. It was not THAT good and it was not that bad as well.

The reason why my post title is know as black night instead of law night/le prestige is because at that night, most of the people wore a black suit and a black dress. That's all. The end.
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