Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chinese Malay Wedding [Aaron + Hana]

Today I am going to blog about my cousin's wedding which was held in Negeri Sembilan.
Yeap I know it's not easy for couples to overcome an interracial marriage.
People prefer to marry their own kind. Same culture, same teachings, same color and etc.

So for those who actually had an interracial marriage, I want to congratulate all of you for overcoming all those crazy obstacles where no other same race/religion couples will ever go through.

Congratulations Aaron and Hana!


The beautiful Bride.

 Hantaran from the Bride

Hantaran from the Groom

The dulang girls and boys. 

Sekali lafaz and waaallaaaa! Officially husband and wife. 

Game Challenges

Cina tetap cina lah kan.
You still need to go through the torture in order to get your bride, although in this case, it's after the wedding solemnization/akad nikah. Hahaha ada terbalik sikit.

1) Pantun Jiwang

I have to admit, the pantun prepared was quite a good one.
Ada bakat jadi A. Samad Said ni.

2) Ang Pao mari-mari

 Just look at all the greedy hands. Haha!

3) 2cm Pocky

This is where two guys would have to bite a stick of pocky, leaving it exactly 2cm long.

4) Find the magic key hidden in the flour without using hands

This game was quite syok. First of all, the guys need to find a representative, then the rest would have to do a certain type of pose while the representative would have to look for a key hidden in a tray of flour. Oh and you need to soak your face into the water first before sticking your tongue searching for the magic key.

Jamus was so happy that he thought he was so efficient to be able to locate the key immediately.
Unfortunately we did not informed the guys that actually there were more than a key inside the tray of flour. HAHAAHAHA!!!

You need to find the right key to unlock the door.
Sorry guys, life is tough you know.

Second attempt. Failed. 

Third attempt. Also failed. 

The longest person to get the key. Look at his hair and face. Luckily his hard work paid off.

Then I jokingly told them that the key was to unlock the main door, but not the gate's padlock. You can see the frustration in their faces. Hahahahaha chill guys. I'm just joking.

5) Find the lucky Ang Pao

I personally enjoyed this very much.
The awesome Ji Mui a.k.a the Dulang Girls group are so awesomely brilliant.
We came up with this idea whereby the guys would have to find Ang Pao's hidden around the house.
What they did not know was that, in each red packet beholds a punishment that they would have to comply with. There's only one red packet that says 'congratulations' in order to pass the stage, however that red packet was hidden with one of the girls (of course the guys will not expect this,cause they are too dumb lol)

So at the end of the day, they have to face all the punishments.

Planking for 30 seconds

Pole dancing, tapi main musik klasik giler. OMG damn hilarious. 
Can you imagine dancing like this to a classical tune. Potong stim habis. 

Lemon eating. Nyummeh! 

Korean spicy noodle. Slurps! 

 Next was a free makeover. Ulala~

Now strike a pose sexy ladies.

And the most disgusting punishment was the ear licking! Ewwwww....

Look at Aaron's face. Lawak betul. 

After they completed all the punishments, we gave them a clue on how and where to look for the final Ang Pao. See, we were not that cruel and mean after all. We were such a sweetheart.

6) Pass the seaweed around

Awww so romantic.

Spot the similarities? All of them closed their eyes. Aiyo so sweet lah.
Abang-abang romantis-diabetes.



The following day was hari makan-makan :)
Let's feast on the photos.

-The end-
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