Sunday, May 27, 2012

Taiwan - Taoyuan

Day 1 - (17 May 2012)

I'm not going to put Day 1- Day 8 as the post title because by putting the place name will be much easier for others to search for this post :D

My journey shall begin here.
We bought the 10.30am bus to KLIA that day.
I expected to reach KLIA about 1pm the latest (2 and half hours).
However the bus driver misused his authority. He drove all the way to AFAMOSA RESORT just to talk to someone and then only we departed to KL. wtf?
Seriously. WTF?
Hello! What if we missed our flight? Are you going to pay us back?

We are supposed to gather in KLIA at 1pm to meet our tour agency.
Thanks to that fella we arrived there at 1.20pm.

In the bus 

 EVA AIR was our plane for the trip.

 Checked in for departure :)
Luckily we were still on time or else I am so gonna kill the bus driver.

After we were done checking in our luggage, we entered into the departure zone.
I was having a culture shocked to see how empty KLIA was.
The last time I went KLIA was about 15 years ago where it cost about RM1000 per person just to fly to Kuching, Sarawak. That was when I was a kid. At that time, KLIA was quite pack as I could have recalled.

Unlike LCCT. That place is packed like sardines.
You can't even find any empty seats for you to rest.
McD, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and also some kopitiam was fully packed with people (LCCT).

They should offer cheaper tickets in order to attract people to fly with MAS instead of Air Asia.
In that way, it can balance up the amount of people for both Airports.

What we had for lunch T__T
The snacks in the airport are 2 times more expensive than the usual price.
The kit kat cost RM5 a bar where you can easily get it for RM 2.5 in super markets.

Our plane. To be honest, I was quite disappointed with it because I was expecting to fly with the Hello Kitty theme EVA AIR plane.

Why God why? T__T
I want that Hello Kitty plane ler!!

Our flight departed at 3.40pm.
The total journey took about 4 hours.

Served with some light snacks 

We were served with dinner around 6pm.
There's 2 options for you to choose.
1) Rice with chicken
2) Fish with pasta

We opted for the Rice and Chicken. It comes with a bun and some butter, fruits, salads with turkey ham and also strawberry jelly as dessert.

I was sleeping like a pig throughout the entire journey.
That's because I did not get enough of sleep the day before. Was too excited for the trip that it makes me suffer from insomnia disease .______.

We arrived Taoyuan Airport, Taiwan around 8pm and then we headed to our designated hotel to check in and unload our luggage there.

 Arrival at the Taoyuan Airport.

We overnight in Chuto Plaza Hotel.
The hotel was quite cool.
I guess its a 3 or 4 star Hotel.

After leaving our luggage in our room, we went to venture that small town.
The weather there was superb.
The air was so cold and breezy. It feels like I'm in Genting Highland.

They said bubble milk tea was originated from Taiwan.
There's various bubble milk tea franchise in Taiwan.
We spotted this CoCo franchise and it seems cute from the outside, so that stupid Mark decided to try it out.
Thanks to our noob chinese understanding. We bought some uncool taste drinks that day.
Fuck our life!

Some red tea that cost about 30 - 40 TWD ( approximately RM3 to RM4 plus per cup)

I was having a really hard time to finish it up, which I didn't even finish it up. Too bad for my liking.
Tasteless and a waste of money. sobs.

Stopped by one random shop and ordered a bowl of Seafood Mee Soup which cost 70 TWD.
It's quite expensive .______.
It's just a plain mee with 2 prawns, an egg, fishcakes and some vegetables.
Luckily it was delicious! Especially the soup. Sluurrrppppsss~

 Tiny Cheese Cake @ 12 TWD

 Pudding Ice Cream @ 18 TWD
Love this ice cream!

After exploring the tiny town, we headed back to our hotel and time to investigate the room!
The room was quite comfy.

 The bathroom

We had the Deluxe Single room.
RM520 a night.

【 Features and Amenities 】

◎ Telephone lines with IDD 

◎ Color TV with satellite channels 
◎ In-room air-conditioning controls 
◎ Free Internet access available 
◎ In-room coffee, tea and hot water facility 
◎ 24-hour room service 
◎ Translation and interpreter service available 
◎ Free breakfast and parking 
◎ Business service 
◎ Airport limousine 
◎ Laundry and valet with 24-hour service

To those who are interested to place a booking, here's the website of the Hotel.

Basically that's how I spend my first day.
Will update Day 2 soon.

Till then.
Toodles :)


Anonymous said...

am looking for a hotel in taiwan, came across ur blog. is chuto hotel in the centre of the town? how's the room? very comfy is it (i guess it is since it's rm520 haha)


kitkitie said...

Li yuan: I'm not sure whether it's located in the center of the town. Coz I slept there only for one night and the next morning I departed to other part of Taiwan.

Well the room is very comfortable :)

Btw which part of Taiwan do u plan to visit?

kitkitie said...

You need at least about an hour to reach Taipei from Chuto Plaza Hotel.

Anonymous said...

ayoyo 1hr from taipei? that's too far =(
anyway, im oso planning to stay in chuto (if i din find any other suitable hotel) w my boyfie, did u enjoy ur stay there w ur bf/hub? i know u spent just one day but how was it overall? the area around the hotel is safe? nice? lots of tourists oso?
or do you hv any other suggestion of hotels much nearer to taipei?

thanks for ur reply =)


kitkitie said...

yeap too bad it takes about an hour to reach Taipei from the Hotel.

The time i arrived back in hotel, i was too tired. So I don't really noticed the surroundings. But overall the hotel was comfortable and nice. Yes it is safe. Don't worry. Taiwan is a safe place. They have cctv almost everywhere. Don't need to worry about snatch theft. hahaha!

Well I do lived in another hotel right in Taipei. But that Hotel is a 5 star hotel. Cost about almost 1k a night. hehehe.

When do u plan to visit Taiwan anyway?

Anonymous said...

*burst the pizza out of my mouth* 1k??? totally out of budget T.T bet that hotel is awesome

we r planning to visit taiwan within these 2 weeks school holidays. both me & my bf are teachers so right now is the perfect time for a vacation. but if we can't make it i guess it will be the end of the year then, during the long school holidays. But i hope we can go within these 2 weeks lorr cuz wanna celebrate our 1st anniversary being together haha ^^v


kitkitie said...

Here's a list of Hotels in Taipei. Maybe you can check it out for their price per night. I hope this helps :)


However I'm not really sure about the price rates for all of the hotels above. Those hotels are all located in Taipei (the town).

Hope you will be able to celebrate your anniversary there with ur bf.
congratz ya :)

Anonymous said...

whoaa thanks a lot!!! appreciate it ^^ hope we'll be able to go to taiwan soon. thanks again for ur replies ya!


kitkitie said...

My pleasure :)

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