Saturday, May 12, 2012

In a blink of an eye

2 May 2012

I hate to decide on where to have for lunch or dinner every single time when I went out with the boy or with my friends.

It is by far the toughest question ever in my life.
If you asked me who would I choose between Captain America and the boy. I can easily answer your question within a second. Of course la Captain America - Chris

Luckily, both of us had the meeting of minds to have McD for dinner.
The boy was so greedy that he ordered a Triple Cheeseburger and the new Chicken Foldover.
tsk tsk... mana tak gemuk?


I tried the new Caramel Sundae which was only for a limited time.
I love the ice cream.
But you need to drink plenty of water right after eating it or else you're gonna get a sore throat.

3 May 2012

Ying Le decided to join Nicole as the new 'light bulb'
Instead of having one light bulb - which is Nicole. Now I have 2 light bulbs. Combo light bulbs equals to Spot Lights. hahaha.
Just kidding.

They kept complaining that Mark and I were so into our own world and ignored their existence.
Ehh where got la? Never lor T___T

By the way, we had our dinner in Nandos.
There's this one weird 'thing' in the middle of our table.
I find it cute tho.
It's like a small 'periuk'

We had this thing where we love to take lots of random candid shots which are totally fugly to the max every time we hang out. However due to our 'saham' I rarely posted it out.

Since I'm in a good mood today.
I shall share some. hahaha.

 Candid 1:-
In this picture Nicole looks like as if she's digging her nose.

 Candid 2:-
Nicole looks satisfied after digging. lol

We had tons of ugly pictures and every time we looked at it, we can't stop laughing at how hideous we are in it.

Our dinner :)

Once upon a time, she used to complain ' I don't understand why does everyone with smart phones love to play with their phone even when they are hanging out with friends. They are supposed to SOCIALIZE'

Now look at herself. She's one of them already. HAHAHA!

4 May 2012

Went to Windmill for dinner.
We tricked Amirul by saying that there's a FREE FOOD for him in Windmill just to get him to join us for dinner.

That is the only trick to get that lazy boy's ass off from his house. haha.


 Amirul and I ordered Lamb Chop @ RM14.90

 Ying Le and Mark ordered Cordon Bleu @ RM 14.90

However, the poor Ying Le got 'cheated' in buying their promotion coupon for RM30 whereby you'll get a Buy 1 Free 1 meal for 12 times.

So in a way, each of us only had to pay about RM 7.50 per person.
Thanks girl for the coupon <3

After dinner, the boy and I headed to AEON to buy some hair product.
I managed to try the new Chocolate Cookie Crumble Frap in Starbucks.
Had been craving to try it out even before the day it was launched in Malaysia.
The taste was so-so. I still prefer my Caramel Frap with java chip. By far the best one ever for me.

If only it comes with the white chocolate pudding, just like the one being launched in Japan. That would be even more perfect. sigh.

Were stuck at home the following days due to final exam.
I was having a hard time focusing for my revision.
I only had 2 papers but my brain couldn't absorb the principles and cases for those subjects because the only thing I could think of was to graduate as soon as possible, hanging out with friends and party like a rock star like there's no tomorrow, and most importantly I can't wait for my graduation trip.

I got myself distracted with all the irrelevant stuffs whenever exams are approaching. Such as busy watching drama, cleaning my room (when no exam, tak mau clean the room pula. lempang sekali baru tau.)

Luckily I managed to control all those evil temptations and focused for the finals.
I'm very grateful to say that I'll be able to pass my finals (hopefully shitz won't happen, if fail any paper, I commit suicide in my dreams)

My first paper was on the 8th and the last paper was on the 9th of May.

So right now I am unofficially graduated. Need to wait another 3-4 weeks more for the results.
*prays hard*

Right after our paper, we went for some celebration to celebrate our 5 hard years of studying.
*tears of joy*

I shall blog about that soon.
As for now, I need my beauty sleep.
Till then.


PS: Congratz to all my friends who managed to graduate.
May God be with you and I wish all of you to excel in your future life.

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