Sunday, May 13, 2012

What are you without friends

10 May 2012

Went to McD for lunch with the boy.
Camwhored like mad in the car. I think I took about 20 shots while waiting for the boy from the bank.

When he reached inside the car, I told him 'Guess what I did while you were gone?'
Without waiting for his answer, I gave him the answer and said 'I camwhored XD'
He got nothing to say and was too tired to response my retardness. lol!

 Love the skeleton print on my dress <3

In the evening, went out with the girls for dinner. Mark joined us after our dinner since he got some stuffs to settle.

So we headed to Pizza Hut since we got no idea where the heck to eat.

Fuuuwwwiiitttt.. You look good in here Nicole Lee.

This picture makes me laugh non stop. It looks like some sort of wedding portrait.

Our delicious dinner

We talked for almost 2 hours there.
Discussing about man's logic.
Basically they only have one thing in mind which is to fulfill their sexual desire.
Unlike females, we tend to have more than 1 desire to satisfy.

That's the beauty part of being a female.
We don't usually focus on one thing and that is also the reason why we are not easily satisfied with what we have.

You provide us sexual desire, we want you to fulfill our shopping needs as well.
Unlike guys, you give them sex. They are very happy already.

Overall we had a great talk that night.
If only we could do that more often, wouldn't it be great.

The boy finally joined us and we went to Shihlin for some light snack.
Amazingly, Ying Le was still hungry. Oh boy! She surely has one hell of a big appetite for food.
*ehem* and also towards guys.

And we had another round in Chatime to quench our thirst after all those gossip-ings :P

Nicole and I camwhored like mad in the toilet.
Seriously, when I think of it right now, I do feel embarrassed lor.
We ignored every single mak cik who entered the toilet and we shamelessly camwhored in front of the full length mirror and indirectly blocked their way to wash their hands.

Thanks to Nicole Lee who kept saying ' Not nice! Take one more'
Take one more until like forever lor.
Madness. haha.

I'm just gonna post her solo shot coz I don't want my readers to bash me for being narcist.

Love the background

Ying Le was so happy because she was taller than both of us that night.
So cute de.
You know that height is a false hope right?
Stop deceiving yourself wei. hahahaha!!!

Since it was our last 'lepaking session' therefore I shall give you face.

Anyway I shall stop blogging now.
Time for me to go to bed.
Wait for my next update which would be my Pre-Graduation party in Mixx with the hot babes on earth and guys.

Till then.
Good night

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