Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Malaysia - Penang (Chew Jetty and Penang Street Art)

Continuation of my short getaway trip.
Day 2 of Raya was celebrated in Penang.
The crowd and jam was pretty bad there.
Ughhh! What a bummer.

Started our journey at 8am.

Char Keow Teow with duck egg.

Our first stop was at Chew Jetty.
It's actually a jetty for the Chew families.
Yeap. Chew is a surname.
They have Ong Jetty and other surnames as well.

I was told that Chew Jetty is by far the most popular ones among tourists.
What happened to Ong Jetty lah??

Listed as one of the UNESCO Heritage Site.

List of Jetties.

Weather was extremely hot that day.
Was sweating profusely.

There are quite a number of stalls all along the Jetty.
Most of the stalls are actually the Chew families houses.

Next stop was at this beach side by Queensbay Mall.
It was hard for us to take proper pictures due to the strong wind.
Ended up most of the pictures taken made us looked like perempuan gila. Rambut berterbangan sampai hampir botak.

Hai. My name is Ju-On
*evil laughs*

Photography gadgets.

We stayed at KVM Guest House for the night. It is located at Persiaran Bayan Indah. Very near to Queensbay Mall. The apartment we got was pretty lousy in the sense that there is no FREE WIFI!!!!
How can??? This is absurd!
Okay... I'm just being too dramatic.

Anyway, yeah. There's no free wifi -____- which means I have to use my data connection.
Ishhh.... Thinking about it really annoys the shit out of me.

The price for the entire apartment for a night was about RM200+
Couldn't remember the exact price because I am not the one who did the booking.

Here's my opinion about the place. The location is quite far from main attraction, there's no wifi to make it worst. Fortunately the rooms are quite okay.

Just that the toilets are pretty bad... Like ewww bad that kind.

Dining room

Living room.



Room Number 1

Room Number 2

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom's toilet.

It is a 3 bedroom apartment. It can fit up to 6 to 7 people.

After leaving our stuffs in the apartment, we continued our journey to explore the art street.

Bicycles everywhere!

Lunch time.

The only art I managed to pose with. The queue to take picture with these arts were crazy! 
People are actually lining up just to take photos wei. Gila ahhhh!

I surrender lor. Dah la so bloody hot weather. Insaf aku.

Not a productive trip for me. I felt lazy the entire day. Too lazy to walk under the sun. Too lazy to line up and take photos. Too lazy to try out almost all the delicious food. Too lazy to do anything. I just feel like sleeping and sitting most of the time.

This is what you'll be after aging. Laziness.

Whenever I told Mark that I get exhausted easily, he will give me a good 30 minutes lecture on why I should exercise more.
Sampai aku phobia nak bagi tau dia yang aku penat. Imagine lah... when you are already dead tired and exhausted, and when you told your loved ones so that he or she can actually make you feel better. BUT NAH AHH!! Instead of just feeling exhausted physically, now your ears will get exhausted as well AND MENTALLY TOO! 

So moral of the story, never ever ever ever tell your another half how tired you are.

We had our dinner at Mizi Bistro, New World Park.
Sher Lyn said this place was good.
They have this set meal for the price of RM29.90 only.
It comes with a selection of soup, main course, dessert and a drink.

Seafood A La King.

At first sight, I thought this is some curry rice. Dafuqqqq.... How the hell is this called as Seafood A La King?? Doesn't look like one at all lor!

I thought Pee Yin ordered this. I laughed at her for ordering such a weird food. Karma is a bitch. Two minutes later, the waitress told me this is actually Seafood A La King. What the fuck? Which means this weird thing is mine?


This is not what i expected when I ordered it.
There's no picture of the food in the menu. Basically I rely entirely on the name of the food.
A name can actually fucked you up as well.

I still cannot brain it. How can Seafood A La King resembles like a curry rice?

Okay I am done ranting. Sorry for wasting your 2 minutes.

Teriyaki Chicken

Mizi Beef Steak

This set cost more than the normal price. It cost RM49.90 instead.
The taste was so-so only.

Barbecued Free Range Chicken

The following day, we had our breakfast around Chew Jetty again.

Got myself these magnets for RM10 only.

Laksa @ RM 4.50

Char Keow Teow @ RM4 

Lollipop Ice Cream @ RM3.50

I had coffee flavor.

We departed Penang around 11am and I reached Melaka around 12am.
I ain't going out of Melaka during public holidays anymore.
Menyesal gila.

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